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Personal Goalz

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My recent promotion at work into a Human Resources position stimulated my interest in returning to school. I initially enrolled at Pima Community College and received my Human Resources Certificate in May 2005. In order to have a better understanding of workplace issues and to make myself more attractive to potential employers, I felt the need to further my education by enrolling at the University of Phoenix.

I hope that by returning to school I will have increased responsibilities, higher pay, and eventually be in charge of a Human Resources Department. As stated before, a degree in Business Management should make me more attractive to employers and increase my employment options.

Major obstacles I will need to overcome to be successful in school are mostly rooted in time management. I work 40 hours a week and sometimes it is hard to get the energy and mind set to attend classes and do the assignments. I also must maintain the home and do everyday household chores. According to my personality spectrum I am considered an "Organizer". I am the type of person who likes to receive feedback and know that I am on the right track in completing my assignments. If this is not received this may become an obstacle that I may need to overcome to continue with my studies. Also according to the personality spectrum I do best in a structured stable environment without major changes. Working in groups that do not provide this for me can also be a potential obstacle and I need to be aware of this problem. Another obstacle to overcome is the fact that I was educated in another country which sometimes may cause confusion with terminology and assigned task. The route to further education was not an easy step to take for me. There were times I doubted whether I would be able to go through with my decision to continue school, but by obtaining my certificate from Pima, I feel like I am ready. In life one must be able to set their personal goals to continue with one's education. There are other obstacles that can hinder one's goals such as family, work, having the funds to pay tuition fees or having the support and encouragement of others. To be able to succeed in college you need to have the desire to achieve, support from family, co-workers and mentors. Finally, one must have the funds available to attend.

Since this process is going to take close to four years to complete this degree program at the University of Phoenix, the hope is to motivate myself to



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