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Personal Commitment Assessment

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After reading Chapter 2 in the textbook and the lecture for this topic, write a 2-3 sentence answer to each of the six questions that form the basic components or personal commitments for your worldview. Answer the questions about your own beliefs in your own words, not what you think the Christian worldview believes. Keep this worksheet intact, and only add your answers under each question.

1. What is your belief about ultimate reality?

This question is asking you whether you believe in God (if so, who is he?), or whether everything is just physical stuff (the universe) or some kind of mixture between the two.

2. What is your belief about the nature of the universe?

This question is asking you, "Is the origin of the universe natural or supernatural?" "Why does the universe seem to be orderly rather than chaotic?" and "Is the universe a 'closed system' or 'open system?'"

3. What is your belief about human nature and the afterlife?

The questions that you want to answer here are: "Are humans merely physical beings/biological machines or do they have a soul/spirit?" "Are humans generally good or do we have a sinful nature?" "Do humans have free will/thought or are our thoughts/choices determined?" “Is there an afterlife? If so, what does it ‘look like?’”

4. What is your belief about knowledge?

The questions you want to answer here are "Can I know anything with certainty and if so how?" "How do I gain knowledge?" "Do I use my senses, intuition, logic, or is it revealed to me from an outside source?" "Are the Bible, prayer and other spiritual sources legitimate sources of knowledge?" DO NOT COMMENT THAT “Knowledge is power.” This has nothing to do with the question.

5. What is your basis of ethics?

The questions you want to consider here are: "Do right and wrong or good and evil have objective meaning and why?", "If right and wrong are objective, then what makes something right or wrong (or how do you determine it)?", "Are right and wrong determined by the individual, the society, or God?"

6. What is your purpose?



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