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Personal Code of Ethics

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Kondisetty, Sudhakar (April 05, 2001). VoIP in your contact center - much more than cheap phone calls. [Electronic version]. ComputerWorld. Retrieved on May 20, 2004, from,10801,59262,00.html

VoIP helps develop your CRM (customer relationship management) strategy and enlarge client loyalty, enhance operating competence and boost sales in addition to noticeable savings from eliminating long-distance tolls. Call center systems will reach 30% of total VoIP revenues, which is projected to be $1.4 billion. The merging of PSTN voice and data replaces the telephone switch with IP based software, which simplifies infrastructure and reduces cost. An IP call center is both economical and easy to install. Companies with multiple call centers have these advantages are amplified. Rise in Internet use required companies to furnish call centers with ways to reply to the various ways customers call in to the center. Challenges for companies include providing a reliable yet familiar forum for customers not matter what means of communication they may use. One solution is media blending software that merges Internet capabilities like wireless, e-mail, chat and video with the voice of sales and service representatives. A developed Voice over IP based CRM perform functions like how contacts are queued and routed, identify and segment customers based on value to business, integrate front and back office systems for consistent view, synchronizing key information, customer history, and business workflow. When selecting a vendor look at their track record, find out if they have necessary experience and knowledge for your requirements.

Leland, Eric (October 18, 2001). Voice Over IP. Is your telephone system outdated? [Electronic version]. TechSoup. Retrieved on May 20, 2004, from

Voice over IP started in the late 1990's due to likely savings from merging voice and data systems. Quality of service with IP protocol held back acceptance until discovery of new technology. Circuit-switch telephone calls require a direct connection where VOIP technology doesn't. Voice data is converted and compressed into packets and sent to its destination. Packets may or may not take the same path. Applications for VOIP include the Internet telephone, LAN/WAN voice communication, FAX over IP, Unified messaging, and conferencing. Combining voice and data network, reducing long distance cost, and flexibility are all advantages for Voice Over IP. Disadvantages include Quality of service and lack of standardization



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