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Performance Management

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Providing successful leadership in an organization the development of and maintenance of an SUV that can handle any terrain and travel long distances without breaking down. Like the four wheels on the SUV that are some the many components that are a driving force behind its success, leadership within the organization has four critical components, performance observation, assessment, feedback, and follow up. Performance management and or performance development is essential to the organizations ability to drive in the right direction and take the right turns as well as avoid the wrong potholes. When these components are strong, this will allow the organization to be more productive and efficient. However, if these components lack in anyways than the results can vary from a reduction in productivity to catastrophic outcomes.

In order to produce maximum results through the application of a performance management system, our system is designed such that it promotes positive reinforcement, motivation to overcome any deficiencies through the assistance of the management team, and progressive evaluation to ensure progressive success. The process begins through observation, performance observations are conducted on a monthly and a quarterly basis as well as annual basis. Part of the objectives through the process of observation is to identify key elements with respect to the performance of the individual that will determine their productive capacity and or potential and how much of which is being maximized. In addition through the process of observation the team should be able to identify the strengths and weakness of each and every staff member. To determine the strengths and weakness the development team should observe factors that include and are not limited to time management and punctuality, work ethic and productivity, people skills, and communication skills. The next critical step in the process is the assessment, and or the process by which the team expands upon the detailed notes of observations and apply critical analysis techniques to identify any and all variables that are influential to the performance of the staff member and determine how to resolve and address the weaknesses as well as how to build upon the strengths and maximize ones potential. Once the assessment and analysis is completed than the next step in the process is on the basis of each individual's personality traits strategically the best method of providing the



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