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Parking Disaster 101

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Essay Preview: Parking Disaster 101

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This is for all of you commuters and those of you who are planning on driving to school in the future. Good Luck!! You need nerves of steel to be able to survive the parking dilemma. As you get closer to campus, you notice all the cars who are speeding into the parking lot to follow that one person to their car, so that they can get their parking space. I know the feeling. They don’t even let you get in your car and they are already up against the back of it.

Slippery Rock University is growing very fast with the number of students enrolling. The school has not kept up with the parking spaces. Many of you will feel that they need to either build a parking garage or sell less parking permits. I totally agree with that. If they sell more permits than what they have spaces for, I feel that they should let you park in the grass. If you have to park in the grass, so that you are not late for class, you end up getting a ticket. Many people feel that they should not get a ticket because they are trying to get to class on time to get an education. Sometimes having to find a parking space is more stressful than taking a test. Luckily, many of the teachers here are very understanding about the parking situation as it is sometimes hard for them as well.

Another situation that many of you will experience is if you have a long break between classes, you will be afraid to leave that precious parking space. If you would leave before your next class, there is a very good chance that you will not be able to find another parking space. You will sometimes get very agitated by those people who cannot park between two lines because when you think you found a spot when you came back, you realize that the spot is maybe big enough for a motorcycle. Some people always seem to also park so close to your car that you feel that you need to crawl through your trunk to get to your driver seat. Many people feel that Slippery Rock should over a driving course for parking perfectly in a spot. If you find a spot that will work perfectly for your car, you might as well say that you hit the lottery.

Many people will feel that leaving earlier than they need to will help them in finding a parking space around all of your classes. For example, I only live about twenty minutes away from campus, but I leave roughly forty five minutes to an hour earlier to make sure to find a park space, so that I am not late for class. Every year, the parking is going to get harder



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