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Parent and Child Relationships

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Parent and children relationships

In this essay, I'm going to tell you about some of the parent/children issues that do arise. Such as, one of the parents dying, one of the parents leaving, how hard a single parent can find it coping and how much babies can make people grow up. So many things can go wrong when you have a child of your own, especially when you have to bring them up on your own.

In flour babies some of these issues do arise. Simon Martin finds out for himself how hard it is to raise a child and how hard it was for his mother to bring him up. In this book Simon Martin actually quotes 'the fact is, you need two people to look after a baby. One person's not enough. You need a substitute. A good reserve. Someone with no particular plans for the evening. Otherwise it simply can't be done.' This says that he's just about to give up on parenthood, because it was too much hard work, without two people. He realises that he's got a responsibility now and someone depends on him, and that makes him grow up a lot quicker than he normally would.

I think 'bait' is quite a hard subject to do on this topic because there are quite a lot of things going on. His dad is a gambler who can easily lose his temper, and who's probably going to ruin his life unless he gives up gambling. The little boy in this has been made to grow up too quickly, because of his dad's gambling problem. I'd have thought that his dad, like in the short film, often embarrasses him like when he started a fight with the tramp and then started crying and hugging him. I think in a situation like this it can be hard for both the child and the parent. The child has to go without quite a few things that other children would take for granted, and the dad needs to live knowing that however much he tries to provide for his son he'll never be able to give him everything that all his friends have because he doesn't have the money because he gambles.

Another film that displays how hard single parenting is, is 'Finding Nemo'. The dad is over protective of nemo because of what happened to his wife and other children when they were eggs. He loves Nemo so much that since then he has grown more and more scared of losing him, so, as a result of that then he has given Nemo a lot less freedom then a normal child of his age.

All three have a common theme



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