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Ozzy : Not Finished

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John Michael (Ozzy) Osbourne is born in Birmingham December the 3rd 1948.

Jack and Lillian Osbourne is his parents. John was the fourth of six children

in a small home at 14 Lodge Road in Aston, England. Ozzy's father worked

nights in a steel plant while his mother worked days in an Autoshop .

His family was very poor. They had no money, no car and little food.

In his spare time, Ozzy would watch television. He liked shows such as "I love Lucy",

"Lassie" and "Roy Rogers". For the Osbourne family it was lot of work and little time

to enjoy there sparetime.

In school, other students called John, "Ozzie" or "Oz-brain".

Ozzy wore a rebel, but he did take part in school plays, such as H.M.S. Pinafore,

The Mikado and The Pirates of Penzance. There was one student at school

named Tony Iommi that Ozzy did'nt get along with. Tony and his mates would make

fun of Ozzy's high voice and compared his singing to a girl.

The two of them would later meet each other later on other circumstances.

Ozzy did not do particularly well in school and wanted to get out as soon

as he could. Ozzy was kicked out from school. His parents argued often,

because of their money problems. Ozzy started to steal and break in to houses,

but got caught. He sat in prison where he tattooed him self with a smiling face on his knees,

so the first thing he saw in the morning is a smiling face.

He also got his nickname tattooed on his fingers.

When Ozzy where young he wanted to become a plumber,

but when he heard the Beatles he wanted to become a beetle.

He joined his first band at the age of



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