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Essay Preview: Oxycontin

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OxyContin, street named Oxycotton, is used by people looking for a fast and powerful high. Usually found in form of a pill, it is used to help cancer patients deal with pain. Now most commonly used for a high, crushed and snored up the nose, users become very dependent on it. The active ingredient in the drug, a morphine derivative is what gives the power drive.

This narcotic has a growing bad reputation for people who take it for medical reason. People who actually are in need of the pill is denied because of suspicion of illegal use, while others are given the pill abuses its medical intentions.

Many legal users are having problems getting their prescription for OxyContin because pharmacies will not stock the drug for fear the stores will be broken into because of newspaper reports of OxyContin's attractiveness to hard-core addicts. Some physicians are reculant to write prescriptions for it because they worry that they will become the target of investigations by law enforcement agencies.

One lady says that she is afraid of carrying her prescription around in fear of being attacked. Another user says that he tries to break the cycle of taking his medication so he will not become addicted by going cold turkey. His side effects are awful, consisting of tremors nausea, vomiting, and leg pain.

OxyContin is very addictive no matter what you are using it for. This pain manager and high drive is one of the most commonly narcotics cases found. OxyContin's abuses is becoming a bad trend that has caused a down fall for Maryland, Virginia, West Virginia, Tennessee and up in rural Maine. The police are ahead of the trend and have plans to make a blockade.




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