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Outback Steakhouse

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Outback Steakhouse Case

I believe that Outback is a visionary company. In starting their restaurant the founders wanted more than to give their customers a typical restaurant visit. They wanted to give their customers an experience that will stick with people and want them to come back for more of the experience. Their philosophy was to have fun, have quality food with bold flavors, and has a "no rules" style of service. They did not even call their employees by traditional names such as employees or associates. Rather, the staff is called Outbackers. This was something that the mainstream restaurants were not doing and set Outback apart from the competition.

Core Purpose:

* Give customers an experience when dining at Outback

1. Why? To make Outback unique

2. Why? Make Outback stick in customers minds

3. Why? Give customers an enjoyable dinner

4. Why? So customers and Outbackers have fun

Core Values:

* Have a fun and enjoyable environment for everyone (Outbackers, customers, etc.)

* Sharing the success of the company with everyone

* Everyone is involved with the company


Find a way to stay on top of the industry without cutting corners. With the turmoil in the beef industry, higher demand for quality meet with a decline in supply, Outback will need to find ways of keeping the operations of the business the same without cutting corners like so many in the industry. While they can change to meet the demands of the market, they will have to keep in mind the customers as well as what the company is known for. If they are known for the generous portions they should not cut those back dramatically just to save on the supply of beef. This would leave a bad taste in customers' mouths that enjoyed those portions. Same goes for quality of the beef. They should not lower the quality of the beef just because there is a greater supply of low quality, and they should not significantly raise the price of their prime cuts as that as well will not sit well with the customers.




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