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Essay Preview: Othello

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The definition of a tragic hero is that an individual who has a mixture of admirable qualities and a tragic flaw which proves fatal. This suggests Othello is a tragic hero, though qualities such as nobility in thoughts or actions do not consistently portray Othello throughout the play. Despite his brave reputation as a soldier and characteristics of trusting and caring initially with Desdemona, his weaknesses in both his own character and his vulnerability to IagoÐŽ¦ s lies, and the decision of killing Desdemona at last do not make Othello sufficiently noble in thought or action to attain the status of a tragic hero.

Imperfections such as pride and jealousy are signs of an insecure personality. The Othello in the beginning of the play is a noble character. His pride of a great soldier and general is shown in the power of his speech in the beginning of the play. OthelloÐŽ¦ s sense of his own pride can be seen when he said, ÐŽ§My services which I have done the signory shall out-tongue his complaints.ЎЁ (I, ii, 18-19) And also all the things he talks about to Desdemona are his stories as a soldier. This shows Othello is proud to be a soldier and a general. It was because of OthelloÐŽ¦s pride, he does not seem to allow anyone to defy him. That is why OthelloÐŽ¦ s jealousy is so great and immediately doubting Desdemona ЎҐs loyalty when he heard what Iago said about her. This can be seen when Iago says, ÐŽ§My lord, I see youÐŽ¦ re movedЎЁ and also Othello says, ÐŽ§If more thou ÐŽK to observe.ЎЁ OthelloÐŽ¦s pride and jealousy lead his mind to suspect Desdemona. This states that Othello is ignoble in thought to earn the status of a tragic hero. OthelloÐŽ¦ s life as a general and being a foreigner to Venetian culture makes him inexperience with woman and naive in romantic life. Othello cares and trust Desdemona completely initially because he has not yet met any difficulties or ÐŽ§stormsЎЁ between him and Desdemona. His trust can be seen when Othello ask Desdemona to speak for herself in front of her father and the Duke and the powerful speech ÐŽ§My life upon her faith!ЎЁ (I, iii, 290) Othello believes that everything will be fine and stay that way forever after marrying Desdemona. This is shown when he says ÐŽ§But I do love thee, and when I love thee not, chaos is come again.ЎЁ (III, iii, 91) The contrast can be seen in just later in the scene when Othello says, ÐŽ§ Why did I marry?ЎЁ (III, iii, 244) This shows that Othello has not thought about the marriage between him and Desdemona before marrying her and his trust to Desdemona started to crumble because of his ignoble mind.

Vulnerability to other peopleÐŽ¦ s lies highlight insecurities and flaws in OthelloÐŽ¦ s character creating ignoble personalities. OthelloÐŽ¦s weakness in succumbing to IagoÐŽ¦ s lies shows his ignoble in thoughts. Othello chooses to believe the lies of Iago even though Iago didnÐŽ¦t earn his trust of becoming his lieutenant, instead of believing Desdemona, the woman he loves. This is the major fault that Othello had done. Right away after listening to Iago ЎҐs words Othello suspects Desdemona for her loyalty. This can be seen when Othello says ÐŽ§ I have a pain upon my forehead here.ЎЁ (III, iii, 286) Which means he already assumes Desdemona is disloyal to him. Another main reason Othello falls into IagoÐŽ¦ s lies and traps is because even Othello sees flaws deep inside himself because of his race, social graces, age difference and also as a foreigner of VenetianÐŽ¦s culture. This can be seen in his soliloquy ÐŽ§ Haply for I am black ÐŽK I am declined into the vale of years.ЎЁ (III, iii, 265-268) And also what Iago said to Othello, ÐŽ§ I know our countryÐŽK but keepÐŽ¦t unknown.ЎЁ (III, iii, 203-206) These show OthelloÐŽ¦ s insecure personalities because he is black. Othello has not really think about what is the truth and who he should believe in because all of the jealousy and insecure personality covered his noble mind and makes up the fact that Desdemona is in love with Cassio. This is OthelloÐŽ¦s character flaws and it show that he is insufficiently noble in thought or action to attain the status of a tragic hero.

Othello rationalises the killing of Desdemona in the end made him ignoble in thought and action. The decision of killing Desdemona was influence by his pride, jealously and also his soldier identity as well. As a soldier and a general, Othello has to make decisions and get rid of doubts



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