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The following is a short sample from this piece of coursework:

... els of sucrose solution to distilled water (see molarity table above) and I placed each of the mixtures into the correct beakers. 5. Then I weighed all the potato chips on an electronic balance (see results) and recorded the results. 6. I placed 5 pieces of potato into each beaker and left them for approx 36 hrs. 7. After this time I drained out the solutions from the beakers and I carefully placed them in order of molarity on a paper towel. 8. I dried the potato chips gently and then weighed each potato piece and recorded the results. 9. As I had extra time I made a second experiment and also recorded those Results: Molarity (M) Starting Weight (g) (Results 1) Final Weight (g) (Results 1) Percentage Change (%) (Results 1) Start Weight (g) (Results 2) Final Weight (g) (Results 2) Percentage Change (%) (Results 2) These values clearly support my prediction, and even though there are some anomalous results, there is an overall negative trend across the whole set of results, proving them accurate. Analysis of Results: The sucrose concentration of the solution into which the potato tissue is placed affects to what degree it grows or shrinks. As you can see from the graph the results show a clear negative correlation, a very obvious inversely proportional trend. From this a conclusion can be drawn. When the water concentration is high, the potato gains water, as seen by the 0.0 molarity solution. When the water concentration is low, the potato loses weight and therefore decreases in mass, as seen in the 1.0 concentration solution. This proves my hypothesis correct. The results were quite widely ranged, as seen on the graph, wit ......

Aim: To see how concentration affects osmosis on a potato.

Plan: I will first make a prediction using the knowledge I have on osmosis and I will then carry out the investigation to prove whether concentration affects osmosis in a potato. Using my results I will then try to find a pattern and prove my prediction to be correct or incorrect. After I have done that I will try and find ways in which I could improve the experiment and extend the investigation.

Method: First we will cut out 18 pieces of potatoÐŽ¦s from the same potato using a borer so that we have all the potato strips at the same length and same mass. Then we will cut the potato with more accuracy using a magnifying



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