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Organizational Structure

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Organizational Structure

Unit 3 IP

Cassandra Waller

AIU Online

Organizational Structure

The assignment is about restructuring a organization and how it is vital to the growth of the company. When the three main problems are addressed the company will transition to the new structure. This paper also talks about the steps of a turn- around plan.

Some ways to deal with outdated product lines are to try to sell the last of the outdated products at a discount and stop producing them. They would need to figure out how to replace outdated products with new products that people will want to buy. Outdated products can hinder the company's growth, but improving the product line will increase sells and revenue.

Adversarial communication is stopped by changing the tone of language, the emotions and making sure that it is non defensive these would be good changes and caring, strong leadership. Everybody should be able to voice their ideals, but they need to understand that once a decision is made it is final. Competition for internal resources has been a business problem for years and reviewing and remarketing the product to reach a broader customer base will also aid in development. The feedback from employee's comments for a limited time would help us make changes to the product and they would give their opinions on the product.

Restructuring the organization is vital to the growth of the company and once the three main problems are taking care of the company needs to figure out how it will make the transition to the new structure.

The Matrix Organizational Structure is the combination of two are more different structures and it helps in the use of an expert staff and equipment, according to the website in its article Organizational Structure. The staff may split their time amongst a few projects, while sustaining a efficient department which promotes a efficient skill. Due to dual reporting structure matrix organization can be a disadvantage, because they have to keep communication path open so conflicts will not flare up and get in the way organizational performance. The first thing that needs to be done is to make certain that the new organizational is structure is by glancing at the each person, their responsibilities and the processes and functions is to make sure that there is a common vision of what we are trying to create and the same things and that we are looking at the same objective in mind at the end. The mutual vision attaches the team's main ideas and values and grab hold of the objectives to be achieved.



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