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Organizational Psychology Paper

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Organization Psychology Paper

Lawrence Collins Jr.


June 18, 2012

Dr. Donna Montgomery

Organizational Psychology Paper

Organizational psychology is not a popular well known form of psychology, but plays a major role in helping organizations function more efficiently and be more productive. Organizational psychology enhances avenues to help individuals and organizations achieve success in the workplace. Successful organization’s with this form of psychology’s assistance improves individuals, organizations, businesses, and workplaces.

Organizational psychology can be defined as group setting focused, especially in workplaces. Theories, intervention, research, and communication strategy’s in organizational psychology is applied to workplace settings and non-workplace settings. Understanding one’s interactions with others can help facilitate a healthy cohesive work environment. Organizational psychologist work closely with the Human Resources department and gives valuable input as to who would be the best hire for a particular position and job. Organizational psychologist can ensure the workplace and organization thrives.

The effort by organizational psychologists in research assists in guiding interventions intended to assist organizations in becoming more effective. Simplifying their academic area, organizational psychologists utilize research in their study to promote healthy positive environments when helping organizations identify and resolve conflict. Research and statics emphasize a sizeable opportunity in the inquiry of organizational psychology. You can find multiple techniques in researchable statistics employed in finding substance and clarity to the multitude of inquiries proposed by organizational psychologist. While gathering information, researchers need to remain conscious of several issues that can be problematic for research.

Organizational psychology can be utilized in organizations in many ways and is an infinite tool in organizations for the inquiry of organizations and employees of organizations. Two broad ways organizational psychology is used in organizations are proactively and reactively. Organizational psychology is utilized proactively in order to affect policies, procedures, structure and all other respects that entail the organization. The reactive



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