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Organizational Leadership - Improving Process as a Leader

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Essay Preview: Organizational Leadership - Improving Process as a Leader

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Improving Process as a Leader

Lovin Bhojwani

BUS 500 Organizational Leadership

August 10, 2018

Westcliff University

Professor Joseph Higgins


While implementing a new plan there are always lot of expectation of success. The management and team put their efforts to succeed the new plan, but there is always a better way out to get desired results. This paper talk about a process that we implemented in our company warehouse to reduce errors and labour hours wastage, how manager implements and doesn’t takes anyone’s feedback and continues to hurt the companies talent and money. This document covers how can a new manager make changes and improve results that can affect overall company’s profitability.

I work at KMG Imports LLC as an accountant/office support, our company deals with Electronic Cigarettes/Vapors. KMG Imports has been experiencing 30% growth year on year. This year the CEO of the company decided to implement a new process in the warehouse that also affects accounting department activities. The new processes that are implemented in the warehouse are as follows 1.All the drop ship (Company fulfills the orders for the client)  orders must be reviewed by the order processing manager, the warehouse associate is responsible all the drop ship orders to sent out and the tracking information to be shared to companies who KMG has fulfilled the orders. 2 All the incoming inventory received should be entered into the system (accessible by all the executive teams) and be reported to the CEO for a review. 3 Certain customers placing incomplete orders are pull and hold. 4 Quantities change for the certain products are not reported, customer end up getting lower than expected quantities on certain items creates confusion. Customer dissatisfaction is carried over to various departments, the sales representatives from the sales team face the customer disappointment and end up giving the customer additional discount and this leads to cutting margin. There is always a process change implementation update in weekly meeting that leads to confusion among the employee and decreases the productivity of employees. The accounting department in last 2 quarters is facing a challenge in arranging the cash flow for the organizational operations. The company does not have any standard procedure of payment. Most of major bills are paid via credit card and that disturbs the whole cashflow for the organization. Collections from the customers has been averaged 27 days were as the industry standards is 18 days. This mismanagement in the warehouse and accounting department is due lack of communication among the managers and the executive team. Communication is important tool for organization success As stated by Kress, 2005; Lockwood, {2007) the values of excellent internal communications have been noted in fostering better relationships with employees and espousing employee engagement.  The higher management team is not open to feedback and always believe in Autocratic Leadership were the CEO and CFO make decisions without consulting the respectives or consider feedback.

Improving the process, risk taking and experimenting

Einarsen, Aasland, and Skogstad (2007) as "a systematic and repeated behavior by a leader, supervisor or manager that violates the legitimate interest of the organization by undermining and/or sabotaging the organization's goals, tasks, resources, and effectiveness and/or the motivation, well-being or job satisfaction of subordinates" (p. 208). It is important the leader understands the needs of his team and address their issues As mentioned by Aasland and Skogstad a leader should be effective and be able to communicate with teams and share his the organization's vision.

If had an opportunity to manage the teams at warehouse and accounting department. I would firstly understand the needs of the teams and challenges that they face in completing day to day activities. I would use the existing systems in the best possible ways and minimize double work. I would divide the warehouse team into 2 one who is only responsible for completing drop ship order and creating the tracking numbers for the all the packages along with reporting any quantities descriptions to the purchasing department for received inventory and defective units.  The other teams in  the warehouse will be responsible packing the orders as per the sales order  and receive the incoming inventory and make sure it matches as the purchase order. I would experiment by putting a white board in warehouse that would shows no of errors on orders on daily basis any problem the teams come across that need a discussion and appreciation for contributing extraordinary skills to solve a problem. Appreciation plays a major role in employee motivation as stated by Finder (1998) Work motivation is a set of energetic forces that originate both within as well as beyond an individual's being, to initiate work-related behavior and to determine its form, direction, intensity, and duration ( p.11)



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