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Organizational Development Process

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Organizational Development

PSY 428

April 13, 2014

Robert Seneca

Organizational Development Process

Organizational development , which is often referred to as OD, is not a concept that can be defined easily because it is a term that involves a group of planned change interventions based on humanistic and democratic values​​, which are intended to improve organizational effectiveness and employee well-being.  In other words, organizational development refers to the organization that planned to focus on the quality of human relations change.  In the OD, the change agent can be a manager, but usually receives guidance or help from outside experts and specialists.

        The daily work of the groups in charge of organizational development is the analysis of the various departments of the company and ensure that they are appropriate to the operational needs of the business. According to Jex and Britt (2008), “organizational development is rooted in the theories and methodology of the behavioral sciences”.  That need to ensure that each division, department, workgroup, is adequately provided with the necessary resources, financial and other, to meet the needs of their activities within their environments.

Stages of Organizational Development

Initial diagnosis is the first stage occurs when the organizational development consultants works with managers to determine why productivity is low or why employees are dissatisfied. Meetings with senior management and interviews with middle managers help define the current situation of the organization. Once the organizational development consultants identify the general type of problem, you can design a more formal process for data collection.

Data collection is often, formal step compilation includes questionnaire surveys and group discussions. These surveys include specific, such as job satisfaction, leadership style, environment, decentralization and participation of employees in decision making organizational characteristics.  Group discussions can also be part of the phase of formal data collection. The data are analyzed and reach specific conclusions based on comparisons against organizational standards. They can identify problem areas in specific departments. The collection and analysis of data are used to guide the formal intervention of organizational development.

        Intervention stage requires necessary to solve the problems identified by the consultants training. Intervention may include a retreat that lasts three to five days during which employees can discuss how to create a better environment.  The intervention may require a specific department feedback regarding satisfaction positions, or may include specific training in areas of leadership motivation that were identified as problematic.

        The intervention also includes maintenance of the new desired behaviors, which can be achieved through the establishment of an internal working group to monitor the performance and monitoring surveys. Additional interventions may be performed as needed to maintain the job satisfaction and a feeling that interesting work is done as well as allow greater involvement of employees.

Organizational change and development techniques

        There is a consensus that change is a reality that affects strongly, it is certain that whatever happens today, will be changed the next day. The overall atmosphere that surrounds this organization is constantly moving and dynamic, requires high adaptability of survival. Must face an unstable environment of constant change. According to Jex and Britt (2008), “One of the major reasons there are so few specific theories of organizational change is that organizations are so diverse”.  Thus to survive and compete must be adapted to quickly and efficiently change. The changes you make will affect to some degree the power of relations, roles and stability of individual satisfaction within the organization.



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