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Organic Chemistry

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Water moves from and through the compartments by means of various body exchanges. For example, when water enters or exits a cell, it takes small molecules of nutrients with it; water also helps move air to the blood plasma and exchanges the "oxygen in" for "carbon dioxide out."

Using water as the exchange medium allows small molecules of nutrients to move throughout the body. From blood plasma to the intracellular area, water is the transport system for moving chemical supplies throughout the body.

Some of the specific exchanges that occur when water moves through the body are:

* Alveolar Air (lung) - Blood Plasma. The oxygen in is exchanged for carbon dioxide out.

* Blood Plasma - Erythrocyte Fluid. Oxygen moves in or out, as well as carbon dioxide, water, and other small molecules, such as chlorides and carbonates.

* Blood Plasma - Interstitial Fluid. Water moves in and out, along with inorganic ions and small organic molecules.

* Interstitial - Intracellular. Gases and water are exchanged, as well as small organic molecules.

When water flows throughout the body, it takes nutrients and/or other chemicals with it and works to facilitate the exchange of chemicals from one form to another and from one area of the body to another.

Functions of Water

Providing the transport system to move nutrients and facilitate chemical exchanges is one of the important functions of water.

In addition, water also keeps the body's bones healthy, helps dissolve nutrients, assists in bio-chemical reactions, and helps regulate body temperature.

* Bone Integrity.

Bone is made of a protein matrix surrounded and hardened by calcium and phosphorus, and hydrated and hardened with water. Therefore, the hardness of bone is due in part to water, and water is an important contributor to the rigidity of the skeletal system.

* Universal Solvent.

Water is a universal solvent--most of the nutrients in the body are soluble in water--and it is this solubility that allows nutrients to be transported around the body efficiently by water. (The one nutrient that is not water soluble, i.e., the



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