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Online Reservation System for Bankal Sports Complex

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Essay Preview: Online Reservation System for Bankal Sports Complex

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1.1 Background of the Study

Sports Facilities Reservation System is a fully featured reservation system for varied types of activities like athletic club and function rooms. It is an automated way of securing an accommodation of its client so as to avoid conflicts in scheduling the usage of selected facilities. Belvedere Sports Complex doesn’t have a website of their own mainly the reason is the beneficiary only focuses on the community but as time goes by, many customers and competitors shows up. Sports Complex is the center for recreational sports activity for residents of Merville. It has functional facilities for rent such as basketball, volleyball, badminton court etc. The court reservation in Merville is first come first serve basis. The price depends on the time consumed by the customer. The reservations are made through manual listing for the client’s schedule.

The beneficiary realizes and thought of an idea of having a website. The proponents grab this chance and conducted a study about the beneficiary’s way of attaining customers, how transactions are made, mode of payment etc.

1.2 System Overview

The business operation uses a manual system where the reports and receipts are written in record books, ledgers, and balance sheets.

First, the customer will access the website of the Beldevere Sports Complex needs to visit the stadium in there a personnel will entertain her/him. The employee can assist the customer to look for the club or room, if the chosen room or club is available the customer will fill-up some information needed by the complex.

Then the employee can list the reservation information to the ledger or recording file.

Lastly, before the customer start his/her reservation hour the employee will ask the customer for the payment, only then the employee can make a report of the reservation and release the manually list reservation receipt.

1.3Statement of the Problem

1.2.1 General Problem

The business that the researchers chose uses a manual system. Thus it is clear that the problem of the medium scale business is about automation and advertising the complex. The Sports Complex needs automation on their operational activities and effective advertisement to gain more customers. This will give them more minimal errors on inputs because the human interaction will be lesser and more convenient for the personnel and customer.

1.2.2 Specific Problem

• Time

The employee assign in terminals are having a hard time doing the transaction. They need to manually list the reservation details, total the price and summarize a report.

• Updating

The employees have many things to do. They need to manually list the information and its details, total the price list and summarize a report. Updating the complex’s information that usually has several processes.

• Efficiency

The manual operations of the business consume much of the time of employees and also the clients. The employees need to entertain all the customers that visit the complex.

1.3 Objectives of the Study

1.3.1 General Objectives

The Beldevere Sports Complex needs a designed system that solves their primary problems, advertise the complex, an automated operation that records data, summarize, update database and advertise their complex. The business operation should be faster and easier. The errors would be minimal. With this automated operation they can entertain more clients without being in a hassle.

1.3.2 Specific Objectives

• To conserve the employees and client’s time and effort.

• To easily update their database and other data.

• To add record and summarize data. That makes the transaction faster and easier. That will be efficient to both user and client.

1.4 Scope and Limitations

1.4.1 Scope

The website contains the sports complex history, the stadium, equipment, schedule, time and date. All the equipment available in the sports complex will also be available on the website. Payment can be via PayPal or cash payment. The stadium

photos can be viewed on the website, function rooms and equipment. Customers can ask question on the comment and suggestion box, members can use the messenger, and chat rooms, the admin will answer the customer’s questions, comments and suggestion of the customer will be entertained fast because there will be a specific person assigned, that is online and checks the website for reservation. Some information is needed to be fill-up for reservation purposes, the phone number inputted by the customer will be used to verify the customer and to make sure the reservation is valid. The website will be updated and edited by an admin that will surely make the information dependable by the customers. The day of promo for athletic clubs, function room reservation will also be posted on the website.

1.4.2 Limitations

Only the admin can edit and update the website’s information. The website can only be accessed using the internet. PHP, HTML, and CSS are the language to be used.

1.5 Significance of the Study

This study, namely “Online Reservation for Belvedere Sports Complex” is significant because Belvedere Sports Complex is in need website that will help them to gain more customers. In this project, PayPal or cash is used as way of payment. This method is more effective and efficient to the customer and employees. The proposed study will be beneficial to the beneficiaries who are the customer and employees, to the owner and to the researcher.

To researcher, the proposed study will benefit and help the researcher as their guide. The study can also open in development of this



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