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One Thousand Dollars

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In the case of the first story "One thousand dollars" the main character is Robert Gillian, this rich young man is the nephew of a rich gentleman who has just died .Young Gillian is characterized as not being really good at spending money. He clearly wastes money at clubs and on showgirls. His uncle has not liked this about him and has left him $1,000 dollars. Gillian doesn't know this, but if he spends the money well, he can get $50,000 dollars and if he doesn't; he gets nothing more. Gillian does not know what do so he goes to his club to get help from Old Bryson. Old Bryson was a calm, and a sequestered forty year old man, who didn't like Gillian so tells him to spend the money as he usually does. Gillian did not like the idea and kept thinking, until he come to the conclusion of giving the money to the woman he loves Ms Hayden ,even though she doesn't love him. After that he finds out about the $50,000 dollars and he now knows that if he spends the $1000 dollars wrongly the $50,000 goes to the woman he loves. When he hears this, he lies and says he wasted the money on races .Gillian shows the best side of love at this point of the story. He knows that Miriam will not love him no matter how rich he is. So he sacrifices his happiness for hers. The theme of this story is love and human decency and about what people do and should do for love.



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