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One Thing I Would Change in Society

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Essay Preview: One Thing I Would Change in Society

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Arinze Onwubuya,

Ms. Cohen,

English 1301,

January. 31st 2013

One Thing I would Change In Society.

        Have you ever wondered why you can't play loud music in neighborhoods? Every time I am having a little get together with a couple of my friends something bad always seems to happen. Either the neighbors come over to complain, or, the police show up at my front door. Every time they show up it all seems to be for the same reason; the music is too loud! If I could change one thing in my society it would be the policy of disturbing the peace.

        Disturbing the peace? Is that really something that should be able to get you in trouble? In my own point of view, disturbing the peace could be anything the people around you don't accept. From speaking loudly, to having a large amount of people on your drive way, there is always someone that has a problem with it. It seems like this freedom that we hold on too so dearly is a myth. Sometimes I wonder, if I was playing my music too loud and it was a song my complaining neighbor enjoyed, would he still call the police or come knocking at my door?

        This question has been in my head for quite a while now; and I just had to conduct an experiment. On a late Saturday evening a couple of friends and I got together just like we normally do. I let my friends in on the plan and they quicly agreed to assist me. When my complaining neighbor, James, arrived home from work, we immediately started playing Waving Flag by Knan. Knan being his favorite artist, he rushed over to my house and asked me if I could turn up the music. His reaction completely shocked me. I could not believe that the same person that was always complaining about my music week after week, was now trying to get me to turn up my music just beacause it was a song that he liked. To me, the disturbing the peace policy is kind of a joke.

        Don't get me wrong, sometimes peoples music can be annoyingly loud, but you should only get in trouble if a certain number of people are complaining. It is really frustrating knowing that people will only complain if it is something they do not agree with. If I had my way with society, I would keep the Disturbing the peace policy but it must be a very logical complaint before anyone gets in trouble. I do admit, sometimes music can be very loud; but if only one person complains, I think there is no need to call the police.



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