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Office Animation & Group Collaboration Software Memorandum

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In my corporation, we use many software applications that benefit the company tremendously.

One of the most used applications is called Microsoft Outlook Explorer. It is installed on our personal desktop at work. It is a can be used as a planner, email database, calendar etc. It helps all employees keep tack of deadlines with use of the calendar and reminders. It also allows employees to efficiently communicate. It can be used by all employees as a form of communication.

The advantages are that you can send someone an email at any time by just accessing an address book. It is fast, convenient and is a very effective and efficient way to communicate. This is very cost effective for the company since we do not have personal phones at our desk. This way we have access to every employee in the company by instant email, even if they are not in our office or state. Also, if an employee is out of town, an instant message will appear to your inbox stating that they are not in the office. This can really be effective, because then you instantly know to go to the next person in there division or management.

The disadvantages are that it can be abused in many forms. A lot of the employees use it as a form of constant gossip between the offices and are always communicating about un- work related gossip. The other disadvantage is that since you are sending information by email, there is no telling when the person you are sending the information to will respond or answer your inquiry. This can lead to a loss of production time and confusion. In some cases the person could answer you right back and let you know that they will work on it which can or can not happen immediately

We also have a system called an e-tracker system. This system allows us to input all information regarding the call that we have taken all through the day. It is very accurate and shows date and time that input was put in about a client. It also allows you to send in a form to the enrollment department with the click of a screen to set up enrollment for a client. This system allows you to accurately help customers better and get a better knowledge for there history. It is fast, efficient and very convenient. It is one of the most important pieces of software that the company has implemented. It really helps management when it comes to customer complaint because everything is documented.

One of the disadvantages is that not everyone updates the system right after they receive a call, or sometimes the other employees are too vague when they enter information. This is a disadvantage for everyone because when no information is tracked in such a large employee database, there is no one to blame when the customer is upset about why something was not done. If there is no information in the system and no one to go back to then management is at a loss.

In my corporation, we also use Microsoft Word to create letters and documents and mailing features. There are many advantages of this software include editing, formatting and spell-checking a document.



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