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Obesity in the U.S.

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Essay Preview: Obesity in the U.S.

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Obesity in the U.S.

Subject Sentence: Obesity in general has become a major concern in the U.S. Mainly because of three major factors dealing with obesity how quickly it became a problem, the U.S. being the most overweight nation, and the increased health risks.

Introduction: Are you overweight? Do have a little junk in the trunk? To answer these questions either you or someone you know has a problem with obesity. This has come to be a problem of epidemic proportions in the U.S.


I) To begin how is that obesity has become such a major problem in our country.

A) One being the fact that we are the most agriculturally advanced nation. And unhealthy foods are so easily accessible with drive thrus and promotions of products in grocery stores.

B) Unhealthy foods such as fast food have become easy, cheap, accessible, and convenient and that is what everyone wants convenience.

C) And in response some fast food chains have now come up with ideas to keep their customers and have them eat healthier. Now fast food restaurants now serve personal size salads and other healthier alternatives and carbohydrate counting menus.

II) Another reason for the U.S. obesity problem is that we are the most overweight nation in the world.

A) People have been sacrificing healthy food for fast food and microwaveable meals. We and people in general do all if this is for the sake of less hassle and more convenience to parents for themselves and children this world is now becoming more and more on the go.

B) Scientists have concluded that the U.S. will have lower life expectancy from the current average. Within 50 years obesity will shorten the average life span of 77.6 by 2 to 5 years. Even child are not safe from obesity.

C) Now the U.S. government has found some resolutions to this problem and are still investigating. Recently Congress is looked at cutting the marketing of junk food to adults and more especially to children.

III) Another factor to our obesity problem is to look at peoples' overall health such as increased risks of other diseases and health related problems.

A) Causes



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