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Obesity in America

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Obesity in America

Today's American culture promotes eating habits that lead to obesity. Many of us help our selves to food that is readily or easily available instead of food that is healthy for us. This habit can be easily explained by the lack of time many Americans have and how many of us eat even when hunger is not present. As a result, America is considered the "fattest country in the world".

Although our American culture is a major cause of obesity, genetics and gender are also causes of obesity. Obesity can be genetically passed from generation to generation, increasing the chances of being obese by twenty-five to thirty percent. Gender can also cause a person to be overweight or obese. Men are more likely to be overweight, while on the other hand, women are at greater risk of being obese. The reason for this is men's higher metabolism than that of a woman.

Obesity is America's number one health hazard, as well as the most neglected. Although there are many natural ways to lose the "extra baggage", thousands of people rely on expensive surgeries, diet pills, and "lose weight fast" schemes. More people turn to liposuction than to actually work off the weight the healthy way. Too many people are comfortable with being overweight, even though they are at risk of many life threatening diseases.

Some of the diseases that come along with obesity are: cardiovascular disease, diabetes mellitus, hypertension and stroke, and certain forms of cancer. Having these diseases could possibly make it harder to lose weight and only put an obese person's life in even more danger. If an obese person were to have cardiovascular disease and work out too hard too fast, that person could easily have a stroke or heart attack. Diabetes Mellitus, a group of metabolic disorders can cause damage to eyes, heart, blood vessels, and kidneys. Luckily, most of these diseases can be controlled by special medications.

Obesity is a common killer of more than three hundred people a year. These are the effects of being obese or overweight. Obesity is actually worse than what we thought. It is a complex condition that attacks both, health and social life at the same time. Fortunately, many Americans are choosing to lose weight by eating off of low-carb menus that taste great and are less fattening than most other food.



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