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Not a Perfect Government, but a Better Government

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Essay Preview: Not a Perfect Government, but a Better Government

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Not A Perfect Government, But A Better Government

I am here today to share with you all, the current state of our government and how it is flawed and defective. First off, I’d like to say that all of you have great experience and knowledge already about our democracy and how it has worked pretty well over the years. As a child we were taught that democracy was the most effective form of government, on the other hand Communism was always shamed and has suffered from large-scale public condemnation. Seeing this, I have devoted my time into researching the different forms of government and really got to understand the strengths and weaknesses of each form. As I came across the concept of communism, I realized that it wasn’t such a bad idea.

Then you have to ask yourself, “why have a few countries continued to maintain this political system?” Well, in a Communist based government “all people are treated equal” everyone is treated equally regardless of education, and financial stability. In the eyes of the government, you would all be the same. In a communist system, all people are entitled to a job. Since the government controls and owns the means of production, they can provide jobs for at least the majority of the people, like a pack of wolves hunting together for their share of food.

However, some may argue that capitalism is a better system than communism, since it is based off of human nature. If we set up an economic system based on humanity’s greed, then why not set up a legal system based on humanity’s murderous, and destructive nature. If human nature is basically flawed, then how can we not expect an economic system based on human nature to be flawed as well? Yes, Communism has been attempted and it failed, but same goes for democracy. Corruption entered into the Greek political system and brought the democratic city-states crashing down, But we didn’t give up on democracy, we simply had to figure out what went wrong, fix it, and try it again. Same goes for Communism.

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