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Essay Preview: Nostradamus

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Nostradamus lived in the 16th century in France. He was said to be the healer of the black plague, which was an incredible pandemic that struck Europe, killing thousands. But when his wife and two children died of it, he went in to seclusion and started writing his "visions." He wrote them in verses of four that are called quatrains.

Nostradamus was said to have predicted many things. He predicted what he called as "the three antichrists." The first is believed to be Napoleon. The second antichrist he predicted, in which is said by most as his most incredible prediction, is believed to be Hitler. He wrote of the second being called Hisler. He is also credited with predicting the French Revolution, the American Revolution and the deaths of the two Kennedy brothers.

Although Nostradamus was very interested in medicine, he began reading books about the occult and took a fancy to predicting the future. In 1550, he published his first book which contained prophecies for the coming year. The almanac proved so successful and accurate that he began publishing them annually. After several years, Nostradamus developed the idea of writing a complete almanac, entitled Centuries. This book came to consist of prophecies ranging in time from his present to the end of the world.

In Centuries there were one thousand quatrains, or verses of four lines each. One which was particularly amazing was this:

A Captain of great Germany

Shall come to yield himself by stimulating help,

To the Kings of Kings with the help of Hungary,

So that his revolt shall cause great bloodshed.

This quatrain has been interpreted, in modern day, to mean that Hitler

shall involve Hungary in a great battle with much killing. Many believe

that it is simply luck that Nostradamus had in predicting the future because

his prophecies are generalized and not exact.

Another prediction was that the world was to become completely flooded after a giant earthquake which was to happen in the New City. The new city is believed to be



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