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North and South Korea

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North and South Korea are both located in East China. North Korea is located on the Northern part of the Korean Peninsula. The neighboring countries for North Korea are China, Mongolia, South Korea and Russia. The landscape of North Korea is mostly mountainous with 80% of North Korea’s Landscape being mountains. The highest point of North Korea is Paektu-San. North Korea has a plenty of rivers the longest being Yulu.

South Korea is located on the Southern part of the Korean Peninsula, the neighboring countries are North Korea, China, and Russia. The landscape of South Korea is (also like North Korea) mostly mountainous, the highest mountain being the Hallasan which is 1,950 meters tall. South Korea longest river is Nakdong which is 521 kilometers long. The capital of South Korea is Seoul (Souru).

According to legend Korea’s first city was founded in 2333 B.C, the city was called Gojoseon by Dungun a descendant of heaven. By 3000 B.C Gojoseon was split up into many more smaller and different cities. The main cities were Goguryeo, Silla, and Baekje, they all completed Korea. Silla used their military to otherthrow other countries, historians say this period was the period of the Unified Silla. In the ninth century however the Silla empire fell.

In 1950 North Korea attacked South Korea wishing for a unified country which both had a communist government. Kim II-sung’s led North Korea’s army into South Korea armed with soviet tanks quickly overthrowing the South. The United States in the Cold War with Russia decided to intervene and protect South Korea pushing North Korea out, the United States did this as they did not want to seem as they were being too soft on communist governments incase the Russians believed that they were weak and decided to strike one of their nukes and the United States.

The culture of North Korea is very different from other places in the world. They take massive influence from Buddhism and Confucianism. North Korea is very cut off from the other parts of the world as ordered by their leader Kim Jong Un. North Korea is very strict some have referred to it as the modern version of Nazi Germany. We don’t really know a lot about the inside of North Korea, some places are extremely restricted to visitors of other countries, many speculate the things tourist see are just fronts so that people believe everyone in North Korea are okay.

The culture of South Korea is opener than the one of North Korea and more honest. South Korea is influenced by Confucian which has a massive part of everything in their lives from personal lives to their business lives. South Korea is also influenced from the native tribes that have taught them discipline and to never give up. Although South Korea is influenced by many ancient



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