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North America's Different History

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North America's Different History

The human history in North America I believe was very different than that of Asia, Eurasia, and Europe. One example of why I believe that North America's history was different is that the importance of a military force was far more important to the Europeans than the Americans. The Europeans were so intertwined in their problems of over population, poverty, and political order that the need for a military was needed. The Americans did not have these problems right away.

The Americans were extremely busy trying to build a country from scratch and not trying to revive a country from the hole it had fallen into. In addition, in Europe they learned to domesticate there animals so there animals would not fall to extinction. Because they domesticated there animals this caused many disease but at the same time this also helped the Europeans to become immune to these disease. Americans lacked the immunity to infectious diseases that were rampant in the European countries. This was different in that the Americans had not been able to acquire the immunity to the deadly diseases that the Europeans were accustomed to. This was an advantage the Europeans had because they did not have to worry about certain diseases. It was also an advantage to the Americans who had not had the problems of overpopulation that helped spread those diseases. Also, Americans during their early history spent most of the time trying to figure out how they were going to feed their families. The European were also far more advanced in their way of harvesting crops. In America the only crops they had were corn, beans and squash. In Europe they were several kinds of plants for people to feed on like oats, peas, olives, grapes, almonds, barley, oranges, lentil and millet. The diversity in there diets also contributed in how Europe's growth was so fast. Before the Americans discovered corn their diets mostly consisted of various meat. This in turn served as a form of birth control because their women had to breast feed until their young had teeth and were able to eat meat. This is also one of the reasons the American population was so much smaller than that of Europe.

The Europeans spent some time developing technological advances like movable items. This was not only an entertainment factor for them, but it was also used for learning and education purposes.



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