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No School Uniforms

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No School Uniforms!!

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Elyes Vivas                                       3/15/2019                                  Class: 605

Did you know that uniforms don’t allow students to express their freedom? School uniforms are not a negative thing to have. Uniforms have a positive effect on students but the pros simply don’t outweigh the cons for this issue.  Students wearing their school uniforms don’t get to feel themselves or feel confident in what they are wearing.  Plus, some parents cant afford to buy the sometimes expensive uniforms. Almost 800,000 students and their parents can’t afford uniforms worldwide. I do not believe uniforms should be allowed to be worn.

Being able to express ourselves and freedom is a big things to us students. Uniforms stops that and also makes us less confident. In article 2, the text states “ When students have to wear the same outfits, rather than being allowed to choose clothes that fit their body types, they can suffer embarrassment at school.” Even though everyone wear the same things, our bodies are different. This shows that even wearing uniforms students can still be bullied and embarrassed because of their body type and how they look.  In the text, its states “ Today students, usually compare how each other looks in their uniforms. If a student does not fit in their uniform nicely, it may lead to bullying.”  This quote shows that uniforms should not be allowed because it might lead to harassment to the student. The student will not fell comfortable wearing the uniform that does not look right on them like their own clothes that does.

Another reason why uniforms shouldn’t be allowed in school is because uniforms can be more expensive for a family.  Some parents can not afford uniforms especially if they have more then one child going to school.  Sometimes school uniforms need to be ordered and comes out more money and parents would have to get two sets of clothes, uniforms and out of school clothes. Even though schools are trying t eliminate the difference between rich and poor families it actually does the opposite. In article 2, the test states “ Richer families but more uniforms per child. The less rich may only have one that is more likely to be old, ripped up and faded.  It only takes two months for people to see the differences  to show up  rich and poor again.” This quote shows us regardless if we all wear the same uniform, not everyone can afford them and it will be notice.  Also according to the Children’s Society (UK), almost 800,000 students go to school in uniforms that may not fit because their parents cannot afford new one. This shows that because uniforms are expensive that families can not afford them and students are forced to wear clothes that do not fit anymore or not go to school at all. Which would lead to being bullied or not passing to the next grade. Due to these reasons , uniforms should not be in enforced in school.

On the other hand, it has been argued that uniforms should be allowed in school because they have a positive effect on students. There haven been studies that show less violence, like sexual attacks and bullying. It also helps prevent gang activity.  Uniforms helps prevent gangs display their colors and symbols. And prevents them from hiding weapons under street clothes. Additionally, studies state by having uniforms in school, students may be less distracted by what they are wearing and pay more attention in class.

Yet, by wearing uniforms students are not allowed to wear clothes that show off who they are. It helps student mature by expressing themselves, support different causes and help make decision.  For example, for Breast Cancer Awareness month, students would not be allowed to support this important cause by wearing a pink shirt because they will get in trouble in school.  Students learn in school about people like Rosa Parks, Susan B Anthony, Booker T Washington and many other people that express themselves and students can’t even do that themselves. Students in school have to think and learn the same thing, but now they have to dress the same. Students should be allowed to be confident and be able to express themselves. Also uniforms add more stress to some families that are not able to afford the uniforms and extra clothes students need for afterschool and weekends.



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