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The Afterlife is an area of human consciousness we all enter upon leaving the physical world at physical death. Throughout history we've questioned if there is a life after death. Along the way, our religions and various philosophers offered beliefs and opinions to answer this commonly asked question. However, many of the answers contradict each other making it hard to figure out. "Belief in life after death is a source of personal security, optimism, and spiritual betterment" ( John 3:2). Nothing offers more courage than the confidence that there is a better life for those who use the present to prepare for eternity. While some believe it's impossible to know whether there is life after death, belief in immortality is a timeless phenomenon.

The near death experience shows the great possibility for life after death. Although there are many skeptics to this believe there are many experiencers and supporters of this phenonmenon. The focus on the near death experience life reviews struck me as the most convincing evidence to support near death episode argument. The thing that really got me with the life review was the consistent

patterns of the experience. What we do when we leave the physical world will never be known with absolute certainty until our time comes. Until then we must take into consideration all the possibilities and choose the one that makes sense to us the most. Although most people who have come close to death say they remember nothing, a third or more may later report that something happened. That "something" might be a near-death experience. There are many theries to explain the NDE, including the theory that consciousness survives death. There are also many factors that can trigger an NDE. Thoughout the experiences the pattern unfolds. This pattern can be found in children's NDEs as well. The pattern (and any single experience) includes one or more of these things: Many say they have a feeling that the "self" has left the body and is hovering overhead. Sometimes the person may later be able to describe who was where and what happened, sometimes in detail. Some people who were born blind can see while out of their body. Then they ussually move through a dark space or tunnel and have a sense of timelessness. After that they experience intense powerful emotions. Then they encounter the light. It is usually described as golden, or white, and as being magnetic and loving. Sometimes they receive some variant of the message, "It is not yet your time" from a heavenly being by means of mental telepathy. They



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