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Natural Born Killers

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Essay Preview: Natural Born Killers

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Natural Born Killers" is one weird-ass movie. With the weird actors and funky camera movements. It's unforgettable. A trip into the mind of two serial killers. The film is real good, but I think it might be even better if you were drunk. You might be a little used to everyone acting weird and all the psychedelic colors. But since I am not old enough to do that yet, I'll just review as how I saw it.

Mallory (Juliette Lewis) has a horrible life. Her brother is a little jerk, her father molests her, and her mother does nothing about it. It's horrible. But the film tries to make it a little funny by making her house look like a sitcom with the audience laughing (the whole movie isn't like this). Then one day a young man named Mickey Knox (Woody Harrelson) comes to the front door of her house delivering fifty pounds of meat. They instantly fall in love. This is where the funky stuff begins. Mickey and Mallory brutally beat and drown her dad, and burn her mom to death. After that they go on a long murder spree, killing more than fifty people, they are finally caught by one of the best cops in America: Seymour Scagnetti (Tom Sizemore).

Mickey and Mallory have been apart for a year. Both locked in separate cells in a prison ran by McClusky (Tommy Lee Jones). McClusky has assigned Scagnetti to transport Mickey and Mallory to another place to get a lobotomy done on each of them. But the night before they are sent out, a greedy reporter named Wayne Gale (Robert Downey, Jr.) is giving Mickey a live interview on TV. Pretty soon, Mickey escapes and all hell breaks loose.

This film proves to us how screwed up the world is from movies and television. Two innocent people who have been exposed to too much violence go crazy and kill innocent people. I really liked how the film told the truth and held nothing back. The great part is the last act in the prison. Genius stuff! Oliver Stone is a great director and I admire him. He actually makes you feel sorry for this guilty couple.

Harrelson gives an awesome performance. Spectacular! After seeing him all goofy on "Cheers" I was really excited to see him like this. I found it odd that his dad did go to prison for being a hit man. Lewis also does a great job as Mallory Knox. I found her to be really innocent and felt sorry for her a lot. Robert Downey, Jr. gives an amazing job as the reporter as well as Sizemore (one of my



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