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Ethofocus-location along a fault where an eq happens;epicenter- location directly above ethofocus;elastic rebound theory-theory that explains why eq's happen; what does this theory say?- Stress builds up on either side of fault/plate boundary, then is rapidly fault/plate boundary, then is rapidly released causing earthquake. Rocks released causing earthquake. Rocks rebound back to original shape;A large building built on wet, loose sediments would have the most damage in a large eq; why?-liquifaction; A reverse fault would most likely be found in the area of a convergent boundary; why?- Convergent boundaries experience compressional stress (two sides stress (two sides pushing together). This is the kind of stress that forms reverse stress that forms reverse faults; Both P and S waves tell us about the interior of the earth because(both waves travel through the earth's interior) the S wave shadow states that S waves do not travel through liquid, when they hit the liquid outer core they disappear. P wave shadow states that P waves can travel through anything, although they lose speed or gain speed once they hit a new layer; A dry mantle rock would need the most heat to melt due to the addition of water and lower pressure; Basaltic lava is best described by it being dark colored, runny, and non explosive( reasoning is: Basaltic lava is mafic(composed of Mg, Fe) making it dark colored, they contain a lot of fluid, and usually do not contain a lot of gases; Stratovolcano

s are the most dangerous because they are explosive and contain pyroclastic flows fast moving, hot flows of ash, gases and pyroclastics that can be very harmful to anything in its path; Calderas form as a result of the emptying of a magma chamber leaving a void, and with its own weight the top or side of the volcano

collapses; Mars, Venus, Io all have volcano

s; Tidal heating, internal primordial heat, radioactive heat, plumes of magma moving up are the reason why there are volcano

s on other planets/moons; How might a igneous rock get a porphyritic texture?- this happens with 2 phases of cooling, the first phase of which cools under Earth's surface, growing large crystals, then is rapidly erupted to surface and cooled quickly to form smaller crystals surrounding large ones; The processes leading up to the formation of a sedimentary rock include: weathering, erosion, deposition, burial, cementation,



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