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My Self

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Everyone has heard stories of people overcoming obstacles in their lives to become great assets to society. Well I would like to reveal to you how I would like to turn my life into one of those stories. My name is Yasmin Binti Habeebulah. I am from Taiping Perak. I am twenty - two year old female. My childhood was a very happy one. My mother gave birth to me on 16th October 1988 in Taiping hospital. As a toddler I bonded really well with my fellow peers. My first study was on 1996 at Kindergarten Anne. I was a Convent girl. I continue my primary studies from 1997 to 2001 at SK Convent Taiping seat for UPSR with 5B's. I move on and finished my studies in SMK Convent Taiping on 2005. I get 5a's in my spm. Then, I graduate my Diploma in Accountancy at Ungku Omar Primer Polytechnic on 2009. Now I'm in University Utara Malaysia for my degree. My hobbies are reading novels, watching movie, listening radio and decorating house. I have many collections of novels at my house. My favorite food is fried rice and I like Milo ice very much. There are 5 persons in my family member. I'm the eldest daughter in my family. I have two more sisters and no brother. One of my sister's name is Shariza. She have just finished her spm and waiting for an offer

I spent my childhood being raised in the small world of agriculture. My fathers name is Habeebulah Bin Haji Sulthan. He is a businessman. He has a small shop in front his house. He sells Indians cultural berakfast such as Roti Canai, Tosei, Capati, Apom Manis, and many other things.My mother's name is Katijah binti Syaik Abdul Kadir. She is an Asisstant Pharmacy. She works at Hospital Taiping.

My family has always been there for me because of the love that they have for me. But, I often times think that they used all of that care and respect on me and not themselves.



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