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My Secret Life

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Ivellisse Soto

Period 6


My Secret Life

“Ivy! Ivy! Ivy!” I can hear the crowd cheering my name. “It’s time” my manager tells me. “Alright, I’ll be right there”. I take one last look in the mirror and leave my dressing room. Before I walk on stage I say a quick prayer hoping everything will go perfect. After that I walk on stage and the crowd starts cheering. Once I hear the music start to play I put the microphone up to my mouth and… “Ivy, get out of the bathroom, you’re gonna be late for school” “ok” I tell my dad. Once my dad drops me off at school I speed walk to science class hoping I’m not late. Luckily, I get there right on time and sit down at my desk. After 30 painful minutes of listening to my teacher, Ms. Ford, talk about boring science stuff, she announces that she has graded our tests and that she is going to give us them back. While Ms. Ford is giving back the papers, I couldn’t help but notice that every single one of my peers who got their paper back looked at their grade and had a stream of tears rolling down their cheeks like a broken necklace of pearls. When I noticed this I felt really uneasy. I had already had gotten an F on my last test and I am not trying to get another one. Now this is the moment, my teacher is walking up to me to hand me my paper and my heart is beating as fast as the hooves of a horse on racetrack. She comes up to me and sets the paper on my desk facing down then moves on to the next student. As I slowly grab the paper to flip it over, I look around the room to see that all the kids who got there paper have gotten bad grades. Once I fully flipped the paper, I bring myself to look at the paper and I couldn’t believe it… I had gotten an A+! When I saw that grade I immediately got a huge smile on my face. I never expected to get an A on this test, the best I could ever get my grade up to was a C. A boy sitting next to me saw that I was smiling and asked me why I was so happy. “I got an A+!” I said trying not to be a show-off. “Hey you got an even better grade than Christina” “and she’s the smartest person in the class.” The boy said loud enough for the whole class to hear. And once the whole class heard that I had gotten a better grade than Christina, I became known as the smartest girl in school. And I became popular because of that title, everyone at school wanted to be my friend and I was even on the news. All these things happened just because I got an A+ on my te- *RING* “ivy wake up” my friend Jennifer said. While everyone is getting up to leave to their next class, I pick my head up from my desk and see that my test is in the corner of my desk. When I pick it up to look at my grade I see a big fat F on my paper. “Crap, my parents are gonna kill me” I tell Jennifer. “Well look at the bright side” “you can’t get a lower grade than that”.  So we leave science class and go our separate ways to get to our next class. Five classes later, school is finally over and I’ll get to go home and relax.



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