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My Last Letter

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My eyes opened weakly. The white ceiling above appeared in my sight. Slowly, the smell of pills and drugs that had saturated the air around wafted to my nose. Yuck! However, I had got used of that pungent smell long ago.

Looking at the mirror, I was as pale as sheet. An intricate network of fine lines started criss-crossing my face. Endeavouring, I reached my amber-coloured comb. Strands of white hair dropped to the grounds. I sobbed. I was lethargy. I had endured doses of injections and radiation therapies since the day I was diagnosed with leukaemia. I could not put up with the pain and the suffocation anymore!

A plump middle-aged nurse entered my ward. Handing me a bowl of freshly-brewed cereal and a glass of juice, the nurse then checked my temperature and blood pressure.

"Hmm, your body temperature rises to 39C today. I'll give you some pills. Eat after your breakfast, alright?" The nurse headed to the pharmacy department.

I had no appetite at all. The pills given by the nurse I vomited out after consuming. The medical treatments also no longer improved my critical condition. I was overcome by despair. I started to reject all those treatments and gave up.

"Be persevering, my beloved sis," my elder sister and her daughter, my only family, came and visited me with a bouquet of pure white lily. Their encouragements always gave me strength to keep on struggling against death. But this time they exerted no influence to me. I knew that I was on the brink of death...

The sun was streaking through the blinds. The air-conditioner was trying its best to keep the room cool but to no avail. I grabbed a black ink pen and a piece of paper with sweet aromatic lily scent and started my words.

"Dear Kate,

I accidentally heard that you have given up the bone marrow transplantation that was my one and only one hope to survive. My heart shattered into smithereens. The private conversation between my doctor-in-charge and my family always reverberated in my ears. Nevertheless, I understand your predicament. The risk of fatal complications of this transplantation appears too high especially to you as you are suffering from heart failure. Don't risk saving an old woman. Awaiting an organ donor is quite torturing I know and you still have a long journey to travel.



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