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My Grandma

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Jiajun Liu




My grandmother’s eyes are the first thing I remember about her. After my parent has left to work for ten years. She guided me out darkness and anxiety. Her eyes are like guiding stars, filled with love and kindness, like spring’s sunlight, milting snow and breaking ice, to bring hope to the world. She is the most important person that influences my childhood.

My grandma’s name is Jinzhu. I have stayed with her since 1999. At that time, my dad went to the military academy for master degree, and my mon is a handball athlete , she had to travel for competition.  All responsibility fell on her. I was scared, like a baby sheep, walks in wildness, and felt every second the wolf will attack me. I couldn’t sleep for days. I was Crying almost every day for my mommy and daddy. The fear and anxiety shrouded me. My grandmother lavishes every care on me. She sat beside me comforts me with her big warm hand. Sometimes she sang a song or told story about her past to encourage me, and finally, she brought me back.

Now when I am looking at her picture vaguely remember her shaped. It has been 3 years since I saw her last time.

My grandma name is Jinzhu, which refer to the tall beautiful girl stand in amount other. In fact, she is short and thin, about 5-foot-tall, and a frame-like half broken Chapstick. A slightly stronger wind may blow her away. She has a Square face with short-cropped and straight prematurely gray hair to the cheeks. On top of the head, there is a hairpin to hold her fringe backward to prevent it cover her eyes. The hair style was once fashionable in 1950’s, and she has never changed ever since. Her hair has turn gray partially.

Her forehead filled with trace of time. The wrinkled line up in the forehead like ocean wave locked in her forehead. There is no other way for them to escape. On the bottom of forehead, If you do not look carefully you can’t find the presence of the eyebrows. The indistinct eye brown has turned grey. My grandma has almond-shape eyes with eyelid slightly flipped upward. Her eyes have magical power, every time I was crying or naughty, when she looked at me and I will be quieted immediately. Maybe I just too afraid to lose her love.

The cheeks are red and smooth, Grandma has no nose bridge, and just little cherry like dot locate in the center of her face. She has thin and unclear lips. Surprisingly you can only find wrinkle around her forehead and eye area.

My grandma was a woman of strong mind and highly self-discipline. My grandpa passed away in 1965. She became a widow with 6 kids, tremendous pressure fell on her.  She has never complained anything and works day and night to take care her family.

Think back grandma is a shy and frugal person. I look at the picture of grandma’s apparel. She was wearing the same light gray color jacket with neat collar without any wrinkles. The material is wool, and the hand embroidered rose covered all over the jacket. Perhaps It give the rigid jacket little bit of fashionable look. There is a black apron covered with oil stain around her waist. She has used for over 20 years. The same black plants and shoes, which is gift from my aunt at 10 years ago, integrated into one. She is too embarrassed to show her rough hands in front of the camera. So, she hided most of her hand in the back of her leg.



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