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My English Paper

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Hamlet Essay

        One of the definitions for revenge is: the punishment of somebody in retaliation for harm done. After reading the play Hamlet, it is very plain to see that revenge is the reoccurring theme. It all starts with Prince Hamlet struggling to avenge his father’s death, but as the tragedy goes on we come to know that plans are being made and trusts are being broken as this burden becomes easier and easier to do. It really keeps us the audience on our toes to find out who is going to walk the walk instead of just talking the talk.

        The theme of revenge really fits the content of this play. It was the motive that started Hamlets questioning of King Claudius. It made Hamlet think of things he would have never dreamed about. He never saw himself as a murderer, especially of his own uncle. But because his uncle killed his beloved father, family love was pushed aside and thoughts of revenge filled Hamlets head instead. As the play goes on Claudius gives Hamlet more reason to want to kill him, like how Claudius only cares about being the queen and having the title of king. While Hamlet is seeking revenge it causes him to do things that makes others want revenge on him.

        While Hamlet plots his revenge on Claudius for his father’s death, young Fortinbras is planning a strike on Denmark to take over. Whenever King Hamlet (Hamlet’s father) was still alive he was in battle with King Fortinbras (young Fortinbras’ father) in which he murdered King Fortinbras. So young Fortinbras plan to strike Denmark was a move of revenge. Back in Denmark Queen Gertrude is trying to find out was is wrong with her dear son, in which Hamlet kills Polonius thinking he was Claudius. Just right after Polonius’ son gets word of this and comes to avenge his father’s death. In the end no one really wins, with everyone dead.

        The theme of revenge was shown all throughout Hamlet. It caused Hamlet to do much more than he ever fathomed he would ever do. Killing more people then he thought he would which only made more people mad. In the end it turned out that all the men kept their words and were able to walk the walk and follow through with their plans of revenge.



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