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Mustang Vs. Charger

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'05 Mustang vs. '05 Charger

The rivalry of the Ford and Dodge was hot through the 60's and 70's and has now been reborn with the reintroduction of the 2005 Dodge Charger. Or has it? Many say that the Charger falls far short of the mark made by the 2005 Ford Mustang, but it is only right to directly compare the two to give an educated response to this question.

The exterior designs of these two vehicles are very similar in some ways but are very different in others. The 2005 Ford Mustang GT comes with an extra set of front headlights adding to the race car image. It is also accented in the rear by a sleek wing and retro taillights. The overall feel of the car is of something that has come from the 60's and crossed with today's technology, making the car a huge hit among many people. The 2005 Dodge Charger, on the other hand, has a very similar look to the Mustang in the front and overall the car is very bland and boring. Also this car has four doors, something that is being widely talked about in the auto world as being a huge no-no. It is strange how Dodge thought a four-door bland sedan could compete with the muscle styling of the Mustang, which had by the time of the release of the Dodge, established itself as the new "car to have".

Next is the interior design of the vehicles, which in this case is only needed to be stated once due to the fact that Dodge completely copied the Mustang. The inside of the Mustang gives one a very sporty and retro styling as so as the door opens. One is instantly drawn to the silver dash, which is nicely surrounded by black synthetic to make it really stand out. This brushed nickel is accented throughout the inside of the car; on the shifter and the door handles, as well as the steering wheel. The Mustang also has a feature which allows one to change the light color of the gauges, which are embedded in round chromed rings to any color one could think of, also allowing the owner to customize his or her own color. The seats are wrapped in leather, are very comfortable and help to hold the driver in the seat in hard cornering situations. The Dodge Charger is almost an identical replica of the Mustang interior. The dash shares the same brushed nickel look and the seats are also nearly identical. Dodge in my opinion could have been much more original and came up with their own design, instead they just robbed Ford's.

The engine specifications are the first feature that is really different in these two vehicles. The Ford Mustang as a 4.6L V8, which puts out an astounding 300 horsepower at 5,750 revolutions per minute and 320 foot pounds of torque at 4,500 revolutions per minute. With this much power one would think that fuel economy would suffer, but the Mustang still



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