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Must Read It Is Funny!!!

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Essay Preview: Must Read It Is Funny!!!

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hey whats up i am just doin this becuase i didn't read the book i just need some information off the book but, don't worry i won't copy it then hand it in cuz i am not that kinda guy! so my name is not really mike it is andrew i love sports and i mostly like to talk about war on terrisom cuz some day i wanna be a succide bomer and fuck up all the americans. NOT! but i am going to go take a shit so hold on... ok back fuck that took me alot of effort yeah my friend next to me which is andrea. she is getting mad cuz i am writing bullshit but w.e. she wants me to go but i am not going to go. but i hope u guys take the time to read this cuz i am pretty bored. well hold on i have to check out my bebo... ok well i guess that was pretty stupid cuz my gf just broke up with me on bebo pretty pethetic huh. well i have to go cry my brains out brb......................there i feel better i just got laid well anyways.... so how are u?? i am fine i just in school now being bored i think this should be my journal cuz i write my whole life in it. yeah all of this is BULLSHIT i hope u had fun reading it. o yeah i was kidding about the WHOLE thing so don't get your panties in a not



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