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Morgan Stanley Global Operations

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Morgan Stanley operates in 29 different countries around the globe including those from Asia Pacific, Europe, Middle East & Africa, Japan and the Americas. There is such a vast array of countries that Morgan Stanley operates in, and all global IT activities must be adjusted to take into account the cultural, political and geoeconomic challenges that exist in the international business community. ( 2007)

Types of information systems recommended for a global company such as Morgan Stanley are as follows:

• Some companies engage in outsourcing service providers to deliver international services. (Baltzan P, Phillips A, 2008 pg 295)Morgan Stanley could outsource software development/maintenance and e-business as Merrill Lynch have done to Israel.

Advantages of this are:

1. Highly skilled workforce

2. Excellent Educational system

3. Hotbed for IT innovation.

However, the following disadvantages also apply:

1. Political Instability

2. Employee safety is a cause for concern

3. High cost of IT salaries

• Morgan Stanley could use their global network for On-Demand Computing. That is, each region can off-load peak demand of computer power to regions where needed. Each region then only pays for the computing power they use and maximizes computer power. This will save the firm from purchasing excessive levels of infrastructure. (Laudon K, Laudon J, 2007 pg 191)

• Global companies are increasingly using the internet and related technologies as a major component of this IT platform to develop and deliver global IT operations to meet their unique global business requirements. ( 2007) One example is a local intranet, that is, an internal network based on such technology. Morgan Stanley, as a global company, should invest in this technology to help achieve the “One Firm” culture John Mack has been establishing on a global scale.

• Transborder data flow is defined as the movement of information across international boundaries in any form. Some European countries that Morgan Stanley holds offices in prohibit the processing of financial information outside their boundaries or the movement of personal information to foreign countries. Morgan Stanley must develop an information system within such countries to avoid the cost and uncertainty of moving information across national boundaries. (Laudon K, Laudon J, 2007 pg 600)

• Morgan Stanley hold offices in many countries and face language barriers, hence software should be



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