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Morality Decline

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"Freedom without morality inevitably becomes merely the liberty to perpetuate evil."

I. The thought that entertainment is putting America in a moral decline was interesting because when people look at Elvis, he wasn't allowed to shake his hips when he danced at concerts or anything without it making it into a big deal that it wasn't allowed. When we go to a concert or watch one on TV the people are half clothed and can dance however they want to.

II. Violence has gone through the roof from thirty years ago. Look at all the kidnappings and Amber Alerts that have gone out in the past 3 years alone. When we look back on the past years there were not nearly as many kidnappings going on, people seemed to have better things to do. The fact that more and more people are getting away with it has also grown over time as the years go on who knows if things will get worse.

III. Most people are smart enough to know weather or not something is right or wrong. This is a great point because when we look at this issue it would be easy to say that people can choose when or not what their doing is harmful of hurtful. People need to be able to make decisions on their own.

IV. My personal views have been changed a little, because I used to think more that America was in a moral decline and now im thinking that people have freedom and choices, not like it used to be in the olden days where you had to live up to goals each day. Americans have things now that they didn't back then and it has so far shown to be better and if some people don't think so then it's in their freedom to say so.



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