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Mind Control

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It is possible to control your mental and physical well being by controlling your thoughts and emotions. This is true for the following reasons. First, people can change the environment they are in and the people they are surrounded by in order to change their mood. Second, we are aware of what makes us sad and what makes us happy, so that enables us to control our emotions.

Many people are aware of their emotions, whether that is happy or sad. We have become accustomed to these emotions and understand what we need to do in order to change the way we are feeling. When people experience many different situations, whether they are uncomfortable or excited, they become familiar to being able to adapt or leave the situation and completely change their attitude when entering another. When we feel sad, we have different ways of cheering ourselves up. Some just relax while others will play a sport to run or play off the stress they hold. We all have our individual ways to changes our attitudes and perspectives towards different situations. We all have become familiar with our personalities so we are able to control our emotions and thoughts, which makes up our mental well being.

We are well aware of what makes us sad and what makes us happy, so that enables us to control our emotions. Everyone has grown accustomed and familiar with

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their emotions. We have been able to do studies to determine what can change our moods. Most people have great control over their emotions, and so doing certain things assists us by helping change our mood. People have come to the conclusion that "there are many number if things you can do to brighten your spirits and pull yourself out of a mood rut". They suggest many different things such as watching a funny movie, which can put you in a high spirits and make you cheerful. Another suggestion is to play happier role because the roles you play tend to become a reality. "Since lights affect your moods, especially the absence of light in the winter, you should surround yourself with plenty of bright light". And there are more, listening to music and talking to your friends are great ways to brighten a mood. You can make a bad mood become a good mood by doing any of those things, or so the studies say.

Anybody is perfectly capable of changing his or her mood. We are highly developed creatures and we know what makes us happy, sad, frightened,



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