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Millons Model

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This essay shall explain what is pesonality within Millon Model, the back groud of million Model, the axis within the model, the case study and critisism on the model.

What is Personality

Due to there being so many different definitions of Personality one will explain personality in the loose term that it is the quality or state of being a person, the individual existence of identity of a person.

Background On Millon Model

The Multi-axial model of the DSM has been specifically composed to encourage integrative conceptions of the individual's manifest clinical symptoms in terms of their place between long standing personality styles and current psychosocial stressors.

Millon states that the role of clinicians is to review the historical progression inside the individual, in order to achieve a conception of each individual patient's psychopathology. This should not merely diagnose or document the Axis A disorders, but instead contextualise these problems in terms of the larger context of the individual's style of perceiving, thinking, feeling and behaving.

The Interactive Nature of the Multi-axial Systems.

Millons developed the interactive Nature of the Multi-axial systems. This system has three Axis's. Axis 1 is called the clinical syndrome for example depression and anxiety. Axis's 2 is called the Personality Disorder for example borderline personality disorder which is equal to being our immune system. Lastly is Axis's 4 is called Psychosocial stressors which means marital and economic problems and this is know as basically the infectious Agents.

The Case Study

To analyses Jamie one has used the multi axial system. This is how it follows:

Axis 1: Not enough information

Axis 2: Jamie suffers from avoidant Personality Disorder The reason being she is hypersentivity to rejection by others. When talking with others they express uncertainty, lack of self-confidence. They are afraid to speak up in public or make requests of others. They may misinterpret other person's comments as derogatory. The rarely attain much personal advancement or exercise much authority but seem shy and eager to please.

In Jamie's case she shows a pattern of avoiding occupational activities that involve significant interpersonal contact because of the fears of criticism, disapproval, or rejection and she prefers the tendency to not interact with other employee's...she relies on e-mail briefs to be told what to do...suffered from a panic attack due to her manner telling her to re-do her work.

She is unwilling to get involved with people unless certain of being liked. This is stated when Jamie said she is to boring and ugly to have friendship with actual people.

She shows restraint within intimate relationships because of the fear of being shamed or ridiculed. Jamie has never had a boyfriend as she says it tends to end badly for girls like her; and anyway, who would want to date a girl like her.

She is preoccupied with being criticized or rejected in social situations. This is why Jamie never gets involved with family gatherings or discussions.

Jamie views herself as socially inept, personally unappealing, or inferior to others. This is portrayed very strongly as Jamie says she believes that she is too boring and ugly to have any friendships with actual people and says she talks on the internet as people then have no idea how pathetic a human being she is ad so can pretend to be someone else. She also says who would want to date a girl like her.

She is also reluctant to take personal risk or to engage in any new activities because



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