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Mike F. Doyle House Rep of Pe

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Michael F. Doyle is a House Representative in Pennsylvania. Doyle represents the 14 district which includes the city of Pittsburg and most of Allegheny County. Doyle is now serving his fifth term in congress. Doyle's top priority is to create jobs, preserve social security and Medicare, provide better public education, meet the needs of senior citizens, establish long-term energy strategy, and to promote a better climate for the high-tech community.

Doyle was born on august 5, 1953 in Pittsburg PA. Mike Doyle has a wife, Susan Doyle and 4 children, whose ages are 18, 14, 12, and 5. Doyle was first elected to office November 8, 1994 to the Democratic party. The last time Doyle was elected was November 2, 2004. Doyle went to B.S. Community Development and Penn State University, where he received a Bachelor of Science degree in Community Development in 1975. Doyle is licensed in life, accident, health, property, and casualty insurance.

In July, 2004 Doyle had called for a legislation to prevent massive power blackouts like the one that hit the northeast this past year. In August 14, 2003, a massive power outage affected more than 50 million people in eight different stats, Ontario, and Quebec in Canada. Many households were without power for several days. This blackout began in Ohio, where three transmission lines short-circuited. An investigation found that the energy company that owned those power lines was in violation of at least four North Electric Reliability Council operating standards. Doyle introduced almost a year ago a legislation that would establish a national Electric Reliability Organization to enforce power reliability standards across the country. If an organization was to be established it

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Mike F. Doyle House of Rep of PA 12/23/04

would go a long way towards improving the reliability of the power grid and reduce the likelihood of a future blackout. Doyle's plan was named H.R. 3004 and was introduced on September 23, 2003. Unfortunately, H.R. 3004 has been stalled for months, and the House leadership has suddenly refused to consider it.

In October, 2004 Doyle announced that he is working to promise that Congress passes a legislation to improve the supply of flu vaccine before the supply runs out later this year. Doyle has asked that he be added as a cosponsor of the Flu Protection Act. The legislation would offer tax credit for the expansion of flu vaccine production facilities, and would offer a government buy-back guarantee for the vaccine makers who end up with extra flu vaccine doses at the end of the flu season. After the resent election Doyle's name was added to the Flu Protection Act.

In April, 2004 Doyle joined 175 other Members of Congress and representatives of many different



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