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Essay Preview: Michelangelo

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The Essay Topic:

"The greater danger for most of us lies not in setting our aim too high and falling short, but in setting our aim too low and achieving our mark." -Michelangelo

Ideas, Organization:

Introduction I agree with that, and why

Body(Content) Example to support my position (Thomas Addison and his life story)

Conclusion What I must have understood from that essay (aiming low or high)

The Essay:

I think Michelangelo is right, that it is much more dangerous to aim low and achieve our mark than to aim high and fall short. If we aim too low, we never challenge ourselves, we never find what we are capable of. But, if we aim too high, we will make mistakes, but, we may also achieve greatness.

Thomas Alfa Addison gave a perfect example for Michelangelo's statement. He always challenged himself to do things no-one had ever done before. He was born from a very poor family in Ohio in the USA. So, he wasn't able to complete his education. And when he was twelve, his job was to buy newspapers in the trains. It was so tiring, but, he was so happy with hi job. He used to read the newspapers for free. He dreamed to be a great inventor. So, he bought chemical equipments to do his experiments in the trains. But unfortunately, one of his experiments resulted in a great explosion in one of the trains. So, the security guy beat him hard and threw all his equipments on the pavement. He failed as often as he succeeded, but, his failure was as technically breath-taking and emotionally moving as his successes.

Thomas was taught how to use the telegraph machines by a kind man. And one day while he was in New-York, he got a good job with a high salary in a big company for fixing it's telegraph machine. And after a few months, Thomas was able to buy all the necessary equipments for his experiments and he started working 16 hours a day till he invented more than 1200 inventions. Among his famous inventions are the electric-lamp and the dynamos. And finally, Thomas became a famous rich inventor who was admired by all people. And that was his dream.

Really, it is better to risk failing in the attempt to do something too ambitious and try again till you reach



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