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Meyrs Briggs

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Thesis: To inform students on the history and two of the personality type structures in the Myers Briggs Personality Indicator, extrovert and introvert.

I. Introduction

A. Opening Words

1. I am at a praise and worship concert

2. I am standing, clapping with my hands held high

3. My friend is sitting in the back

4. I am thinking she is not enjoying herself

5. She is sitting there totally getting into the music

6. Difference is I am an extrovert that is very expressive and she being an introvert is sitting back just soaking it all in.


C. Today I will be talking about the two of the Myers Briggs Personality Types that will give you an understanding and appreciating others.

D. Has opened the door for me in dealing with different people. I have taken 4 different courses in Myers Briggs, completed 16 hour training. My instructor/consultant and I have become friends with her now being my mentor. I have promoted this at my work environment.

E. To understand who we are and other people in our daily communication and interactions. Relate your personal preferences in a positive way and value the preferences of others that are different from yours.

F. In order to understand the Myers Briggs I have broken it down into 3 areas.

1. The history of the Myers Briggs Personality Indicator

2. Being an Extrovert

3. Being an Introvert

G. Transition to Body: Let me begin with the first area

II. Body

A. Development

1. The history of the Myers Briggs Personality Indicator. The MBTI is one of the most used personality indicators out there.

a Created by Elizabeth Briggs Myers and her mother Katherine Briggs

b Developed their ideas and theories of psychologist Carl Jung

c Intrigued with similarities and differences between human personalities, began to develop her own system for "typing" people.

d In the early 1940's they put Jung's concepts into language that could be understood and used by the average person.

e Myers concluded there were four primary ways people differed from one another and sixteen different personality types

f MBTI has evolved and been perfected through continual test research and development.

g The indicator is an inventory or psychological instrument rather than a test, no right or wrong answers they are all equally desired.

h Extrovert and Introvert is an area on how we prefer to interact with the world and where we direct our engery.

2. Being an Extravert

a Motto is, "Let's talk this over"

i. Focus their energy on the world outside themselves

ii. Feel deprived when cutoff from the interaction of the outside world

iii. Seek out other people and enjoy lots of interaction

iv. Batteries are charged up by being with others and usually know a lot of people.

v. Speak before they think

vi. Comfortable with sharing half-baked ideas

vii. Uncomfortable with silence

viii. At parties they enjoy the center of attention

ix. Are active, energetic, and enthusiastic

3. Being an Introvert

a Motto, "I need to think about it"

i. Focus their attention and energy on the world inside of themselves.



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