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Mental Illness Is a Disease

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Essay Preview: Mental Illness Is a Disease

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Mental Illness is a Disease

Jaquetta Espinosa

Essentials of College English COMM 215

Linda Camp

September 17, 2005

Mental illnesses are valid and treatable diseases. People have proven

those mental illnesses, such as schizophrenia are illnesses of the brain. Mental illnesses should be taken care of similarly to general medical disorders, with medication and behavioral treatment. Some Americans believed mental illness is not a disease. Is mental illness a disease?

Mental illness is a disease. Consequently, scientist has proven that mental

illnesses are an illness of the brain and should be treated in the same manner, as a person with a medical disorder. It is proven that the brain is a physical organ, which can be diseased. The word mental means mind and the mind can be diseased. First Lady Hillary Clinton and Doctor Steven Hyman recognized 21 millions Americans including children suffer from some form of depression; also several millions of Americans were diagnosis with schizophrenia and other disorders. The World Bank and the World Health Organization have established that depression is the primary cause of disability worldwide. The authors clarified that the brain is an organ.

Hillary Clinton and Dr. Hyman believe that mental illness is a disease.

They also believed with studies, treatments such as medications, it can reverse the illness. Nevertheless, the problem Dr. Hyman points out, if these illness is not treated with medication over a period of time, the memory of the brain will get smaller, and deteriorates.

Mrs. Hillary Clinton insists, "that mental illness is real, a real signal to our

nation and we have to do what it takes to remove the stigma from mental illness".

A number of people believe that mental illness is not a disease, and that

the mind cannot be diseased. People ague that blaming mental, emotional, and behavioral problems on mental illness allows people not to be responsible for their actions. One author explains mental illness is noted only as "problems of living" ( Bobgan & Bobgan, 2000). People believed that the terminology of mental disease, mental illness, and mental disorder are common catch-alls for all types of problems of living, and have small amount to do with diseases. In the same way, if a person behavior is determine by uncontrollable forces, than a person will not be responsible for his actions and criminals would be allowed to plead temporary insanity. Yes, that is true; however law enforcements recognize mental illness as a disease and not a crime. They trained their officers



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