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Menniger Vs Lewis

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Menniger vs Lewis

In our present society people tend to despise crime and cherish justice, though crime remains to be a widespread humiliation and an international dilemma. Our prevailing methods for confronting crime are inefficient, unfair and too costly; our prisons are known to be in very harsh and hazardous conditions for the prisoners, but the question to be asked here is "who cares?"

From time to time somebody calls for a change in the system, just as Menniger did. They call that the circumstances are serious, and that something has to be done. But their calls mostly go unheard.

Are their steps that we can follow to prevent violent techniques by curing criminals instead of punishing them? Well! Menniger believes that there are steps that have to be implemented in order for that to happen. He believes that psychiatrists should study the wrongdoer before being taken to court were it is there decided how to carry out their advice. This approach would definitely lead to a decrease in the number of prisons if not utterly eliminating them and converting them into institutions.

Everyday day there are new scientific breakthroughs in medicine. Physicians nowadays can cure a so many number of illnesses and prevent infections in addition to their ability to transplant organs and limbs. But the main issue here is if physicians can conduct therapy on people even if they do not want to be cured where we are assuming that what Menniger says is true where he quotes: "Are we to believe that crime is a disease that can be reached by scientific measure." Ð'...In the applied philosophy book; Pg. 47; lines 23-24. (Menninger)

Menninger believes that criminals have illnesses that should and could be cured and that treating the wrongdoer by educating; medicating and giving them professional psychiatric treatment is a more effective method than traditional punishment in preventing further violence.

According to Menninger since the prisoner is diagnosed with an illness like the doctors other patients we should expect to spot a difference in the offender where, each offender receives a different form of psychiatric treatment. "All of participants in this effort to bring a favorable change in the patient-that is, in his vital balance and life program-are imbued with what we call a therapeutic attitude."Ð'...In the applied philosophy book, Pg.47,



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