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Men and Women Opposite or Not

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Essay Preview: Men and Women Opposite or Not

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Since the beginning of time people have been wondering why women are different from men and men different from women. In society men are seen as tough, leaders and not emotional. They are the ones that are going to work and supporting their families. While women are seen as emotional, weak, child bearing, romance and they like to be pampered. Women are the ones that are taking care of the household and having dinner ready for the man to come home from a long day at work. The problem with this is what if you don't want to follow the dual track. That means that your men are not sissies and your women are not tomboys. The guys like the color blue not pink that's a girls color. This means that our men have no choices but to follow everyone mans path and our women also have no choices but the same path that every women is on. For example men can't be good dressers because they would look like they are gay and not a "real" man. Why can't a man be a good dresser without being called gay? Just because you like to dress to impress doesn't mean that you are not a man that just means that you value style. Also why can't a women play football because it's not a girlie thing to do. They need to the cheerleader to cheer the men playing and look pretty. Why can't I have a woman that can handle herself in some ruff sports? Tomboys aren't so bad they just don't want to take the path that they are "supposed" to follow. There is nothing wrong with them society is the wrong one because they are judging them just because they don't want to be the typical man or women. Society needs to be allowing are men and women to decide what they want to do, there should be no dual tracks. There should be the androgynous track for everyone to choose from. That means that you are both a tough man and a very sensitive man likely both blue and pink. Also that means that you are a sensitive women but also that you kick butt. This is the best track and everyone should be raised up on this track because you get the full plate. The advantages of having an androgynous track are that you will be able to have more choices in deciding what you want to do. You will be able to have both sides of the dual track instead of just having on side. You choose your track based on your parents because they are the ones that you gain the most values from. There is something called the invisible ceiling. That means that there are limitations based on your gender. For example in the business world women are not seen at the top like a manager or anything like that. They are more seen as secretaries and assistants. They is an invisible line that women can not go through because that is their limit. The reason that this is so important is because we need to understand what is going on in our world we really don't look at it but it happens anyways. Also we need to change from our past ways by looking at people and putting stereotypes on them. Like a husband and wife you assume that the husband is out working and making the money for the family. The women on the other hand is at home taking care of the children and making sure the house is clean and dinner is all done. Everyone does this but that is why this issue is so important because we need to get that out of our head and wonder o are they both working, do they both make dinner and not already have the idea that the women is doing all the work at home and the husband is making money. I know my know my neighbors down the street that the man is a ups driver while the women is a high school teacher making more money then her husband. You would have never even thought about that though you would assume that the husband was the family provider unless you new them. We need manly women and feminine men. It should be more expectable in society.

There are many implications to society about men and women such as the man should pay the check no matter what. You never see the women go and reach for the check the man always pays for it. Also the guy has to ask the girl out on the date. Guys always ask the girls never the other way around. Plus the man should hold open the door for the women too. Men would like a door opened for them too you know. Women like flowers and chocolate. Men like cars and tools. When a girl is very young she has this doll that shows her what she wants to be like when she grows up. That doll is Barbie and it is a perfect example of the dual track system because you see Barbie as this perfect gorgeous women and every little girl wants to be her. She has this big pretty house that she stays in and a husband that is hot and comes home to her everyday. You don't see a Barbie is all dirty and working in a coal mill, no she is looking stunning and not doing anything but driving her fancy car to go shopping. What kind of image is that is doesn't show anything but the track that girls are supposed to follow. Now boys on the other hand can't even play with those kinds of toys or their dads would kill them. They should be playing with cars or army men and things like that. Boys should be playing in the mud and ruff housing. That is how society sees men and women when they are little and they don't want it to change because no one wants a sissy as a son and no one wants a tomboy of a daughter because it is just not excepted in society.

There are other reasons why men and women are different one thing that you may not believe is in the brain. Are brains are not entirely alike. We have hormones and hormones lead to structural differences in the nervous systems. On an "average men have a larger brain then a women."(1) They don't know the scientific reason for this but they see that a woman has "more densely packed neurons in parts of the brain."(1) There are two sides of the brain and they both do a different thing. Men's brains are more lateralized then a women's. This means "the part of the brain that is linked to language and visual spatial abilities."(1) The reason for this is that the "respective compartmentalization of language and visual-spatial processing in the left and right hemispheres seems to be more extreme in men then in women."(1) Also another reason for this is that the mans right hemisphere is more exclusively devoted to visual-spatial tasks and men's left hemispheres are for linguistic tasks. Finally "certain size asymmetries between areas of the left and right hemispheres are more extreme in men then in women."(1) Women on the other hand have more of a diffuse areas devoted to both kinds of tasks. For example the right and left hemispheres are devoted to language tasks and a man is just one sided. The women's language functions are located in the anterior portion in the left hemisphere. While a man is seem to be over the entire left hemisphere. There are some problems



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