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Mc Donald Super Size Me

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A n a l y s i s

The Seminar in Marketing Class as well as the project assigned by the U.S. Department of State has really given me experience in the marketing world, especially in Public Relations which has being the most important task that was assigned to me. I believe I have grasped a great knowledge from both the course and project is because I have learned to more effectively manage time and how to be more responsible with my duties. I have also discovered that meeting deadlines is often challenging. A lot of effort and dedication needs to be applied. I also believe that this great opportunity would be like a real Marketing job; with this project we were able to raise awareness of internship opportunities on the St. Mary's University campus.

I learn that it is extremely important to take advantage of media opportunities available in San Antonio in order to reach a good number of the target market. I certainly believe that with this project I was able to successfully promote the U.S. Department of State, in a classic and professional way. I learned that a good way to promote this campaign is by distributing press releases and a press kit to a media contact list of local newspapers.

I also found out that another way to reach our target market is by creating a multi-event strategy. We participated in a Career Zone Connect Job Fair that was sponsored by the St. Mary's Career Services Center. This provided the students (target market) the opportunity to receive information about the internship program offered by the department of State as well to ask questions relevant to the internship.

Another thing that I found was that it is essential to present an information session to the target population. From the information session I learned the importance of incentives. Incentives have the purpose of attracting people; we had rife of door prices which did not cost much money and attracted a good number of people.

Finally, I also learned the importance of numbers in marketing. Surveys reveal what the people's wants and needs are. As we learned from the seminar in the marketing course a good relationship with the customer will lead to success of any company, therefore it is important to serve the needs of the customer.

What impressed me the most is that we were able to successfully find what people want from this internship opportunity. Most



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