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Mass Murders V Serial Killers

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Essay Preview: Mass Murders V Serial Killers

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In terms of motivation, most serial killers kill not for love, money or revenge but for the fun of it. They enjoy the thrill, the sexual satisfaction or the dominance they have over the lives of their victims. One trait that separates serial killers from the average they are very skillful in pleasing themselves so they appear as beyond suspicion. This is part of why they are so difficult to track down and arrest. The serial killer rarely ever uses a firearm. A gun would end the victims life to soon. The killer would rather use something like a knife or, something that would make it way slower so they can have fun with the victim and torture him. The killer also enjoys the experience of the whole murder.

Currently a very popular view is that most serial killers are not just insane either medically insane or legal sense. they know right from wrong, they know exactly what there doing the result of their actions. They can control the desire to kill, but they decide not to do so, they are more cruel than crazy. The thrill of a killer usually is a sociopath (anti-social personality), a disorder of character rather than mind. He lacks a conscience, has no remorse and cares for himself and his needs in life. Other people are just tolls to fill his own needs and desires no matter how terrible. Serial killers have a deep need for control . The overwhelm majority of serial killers pursue victims for the thrill to satisfy there needs for fun or psychological dominance.

Randy Woodfield was once a college football star and even had the opportunity to try out for the Green Bay Packers in the early 1970's. Less than a decade later he would be arrested in a string of rapes, robberies, and murders that were committed near the I-5 freeway from Washington through northern California.

In addition to a suspected sixty or more sexual assaults, it is estimated that Woodfield committed as many as eighteen murders of women along Interstate 5 in the late 1970's and early 1980's. Police investigating a Beaverton, Oregon, shooting death came across Woodfield, who was a casual acquaintance of the victim. Woodfield had a history of sexual assault and when police searched his home they found evidence linking the ex-jock with the murder and attempted murder of two young women whom Woodfield had shot in the head. The surviving victim, Beth Wilmot, testified that Woodfield was her attacker at the subsequent trial. The I-5 killer was found guilty on both charges and sentenced to life in prison.

Woodfield was also tried and convicted in the Beaverton killing and a double murder of a wife and daughter in Redding, California. Though police have no doubt he was the perpetrator in many more killings no further charges were ever filed.

Randy Woodfield, was just one of the many serial killers out there. Randy is a huge example how a serial killer can be anyone. They can be your next door neighbor, they can be your your towns journalist, they can be the towns most favorite and loving person, and he could be a serial killer. So its really hard to identify serial killers they can be anyone and they always can put themselves be hide a wall because they don't have any remorse. They only thought that he was involved in some cases, but they didn't know he was a huge killer/raper also.

In the mass murderer mind the person actually finds himself as the victim now the people that he is going to kill. He thinks he has every right to avenge his unfair treatment by eliminating as many of the offending group members as possible. He just wants to get them all, to him he is not a criminal, its justice. Most of the mass murderers are male, white, conservative and come from pretty stable homes in the middle class. They aren't usually adopted, or have anything mental issues. They are usually people who dream to what they can't really ever achieve. They see there dreams being shut down by other people, they feel excluded from the group and they wish they were part of the group and later they tend to hate the group and eventually homicidal. There are three types of mass murderers, the family annihilators, the paramilitary enthusiasts, and the disgruntled workers. They are usually white, young males with access to weapons. They are usually unemployed, lonely, probably a broken family, also they tend to get allot of teasing in high school.




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