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Margaret Thatcher

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Margaret Thatcher was born as Margaret Hilda Roberts on Octobers 13, 1925 in Grantham, England, which is famous by Nuton and Cromvil. Her father was Alfred Roberts, who owned a family grocery store and the family often helped him at the store, but at the same time he was the active in local politics. He was a very strict man; nobody has right to joke, to have a rest during the work hours. Margaret watched only several movies in her childhood and has only few family parties. In such environment Margaret rise; she was very serious and lonely. People say even then, she didn't understand jokes and people close to her note that she didn't learn to laugh.

People often explain her meanings of jokes; she listened carefully, tried to get the point and laughed in the right place. She has gained the nickname "Iron Lady" and it soon became associated with her image as an unwavering and steadfast character. By the way the Soviet Defency newspaper "Krasnaya zvezda" give her this name after her speech On January 1976 where she criticize and make an attack on the Soviet Union. But also she has another unflattering name "Mrs. Thatcher, Milk Snatcher". At this time she was a minister of education. It was then she was forced to administer a cut in the Education Budget. She decided that abolishing free milk for school-children aged seven to eleven to be less harmfully than other measures. And this decision made waves that didn't subside for many years, and in 1985 Oxford University refused her an honorary degree in protest against her cuts in educative funding. But this decision let her economize 15 million dollars in this period of crisis of economy.

After this events she forced to leave this post but this fail encourage her to become stronger. After several years of hard work she became Prime Minister of Britain, first woman Prime Minister. She returned power and prestige to England. She improves economic growth, reform the Trade Unions, cut taxes and did big changes in education and health. he bolstering her reputation by leading the country to war against Argentina in the Falkland Islands. She was elected three times.

At the age nine she won her schools poetry reading contest and as the school director was congratulating her she said," You were lucky to win. I wasn't lucky," Margaret replied. "I deserved it". Really, Margaret Thatcher is one of the famous women of



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